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Parts Catalog
$10 an under items
Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
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Air Charge Temperature ACT sensor (new)
New replacement ACT sensor for the Scorpio 2.9 or those using the LA3 EEC in the 2.3 Turbo.
Price: $28.65 

Air Cleaner Cover XR (restored)
Newly restored XR4Ti air cleaner cover. Great restoration item for the perfect OEM touch. restored in correct wrinkle finish.
Price: $29.99 

Air Filter XR (new)
Correct oval OEM replacement air filter. Great tune up item. Price is for each, limited supply available.
Price: $16.59 

Alternator Restoration Kit XR (restored)
For those looking to freshen up their existing factory XR alternator, but until now didnt know how to bring the new like plated luster of the pulleys and cooling fan. This kit comes with the following re-zinced bits: Cooling fan, dual pulley, washer and securing nut. Will need your removed units sent back for restoration rotation. Show points await you with this kit!
Price: $24.50 

Alternator Safety Bracket XR (used)
OEM XR alternator fan safety shield bracket. 86-89 used the bracket style shown, 85 model year was slightly different for those that need to be correct for model year. Have all styles available. Email blugg@msn.com as needed.
Price: $23.99 

Alternator XR4Ti 90 amp (reman)
Rebuilt stock amp XR alternator. Fits all year XRs. Will need old alternator returned as core. Comes in stock 90 amp configuration. Have High Output alternator available as well.
Price: $150.41 

Alternator XR4Ti 90 amp (used)
Good used XR4Ti alternator. Fits all year XRs. Conditions vary. No guarantee on life left in unit. Request that old unit be returned for core. If need a stock or high output alternator with warranty see our reman unit listing.
Price: $55.00 

Auxilary shaft Cover Plate XR (restored)
Good used 2.3 turbo aux shaft aluminum cover plate. replace your damaged or broken cover with this genuine Ford part. Does not come with new seal, however do have new seal available.
Price: $9.99 

Auxilary Shaft Oil Seal XR (new)
New aux shaft seal. Have aux shaft seal gasket kit available as well if the plate gasket is needed as well.
Price: $7.83 

Boost Control Solenoid XR (used)
Good used Turbo Boost Control Solenoid for all year XRs(BCS).   Mounts to the inner passenger side fender near the coolant bottle.  Do not have this item in new.
Price: $26.00 

Camshaft 2.3 Ranger version (used)-NLA
Good used Ranger roller style camshaft with a longer duration lobe lift vs stock. A performance upgrade that can be installed without removing motor. No Longer Available.

Center Housing Section T3 XR (used)
Good used T3 turbo water an oil cooler center section. Overall conditions vary. Some may use oversized shaft bearings (.010)
Price: $43.25 

Clip Wastegate Actuator XR (new)
New correct replacement waste-gate actuator "e" secure clip. Fits all year XRs.
Price: $.79 

Compressor Exhaust .48 Trim Housing T3 XR (new)-Last One
New replacement .48 trim exhaust housing for the T3 turbo. Many time after years of heat an cooling cycles the internal air flow chamber cracks internally an at the wastegate door orfice, these are new aftermarket replacement exhaust turbine housing.
Price: $155.00 

Compressor Intake Housing .60 Trim Turbo (used)
Cold side Stock A.R. .60 Trim compressor housing in good used condition.
Price: $32.00 

Crank Pulley 3 Groove XR (used)
Got squeaky AC belt? Replace with this pulley an the AC belt no longer rides on the overloaded water pump pulley and will now be driven off the crankshaft pulley. A more logical solution for the demanding A/C compressor. 3 groove in used condition.
Price: $46.00 

Cylinder Head Dowel XR (new)
These dowels attach to your cylinder head to be used as a guide for installation and alignment to the engine block as well as the head gasket. Do not install with out these very important item. For the 2.3 Turbo head. 2 are required. Price is for each.
Price: $2.10 

E6 Ported Exhaust Manifold XR (used)-inquire
Good used E6 exhaust manifold ported out on the turbo flange (not pictured) and the four runner ports to increase exhaust flow, which in turn increases turbo spool time and allows noticeable increase in power keeping the stock look. Need useable E6 style manifold for core (early style E3 manifolds are not useable cores), if no useable core available add $65. Limited availability.

ECU PE Computer Superchip (used)
Convert your stock XR ECU to PE tables with a Superchip plug and play chip. Rare, no longer manufactured 2.3 performance upgrade. Zero stock

Engine Crossmember XR (used)
Good used XR front engine cross member to replace your damaged or dented one. have available in newly restored gloss black powder coating for those doing a restoration.
Price: $85.00 

Engine Gasket Kit Complete XR (new)
2.3 liter complete engine / seal gasket set. Comes complete with head gasket, crank and cam seals, valve guide seals, oil pump gasket, aux shaft gasket, turbo gaskets, intake - exhaust- throttle body, plus more. The valve cover gasket is cork material, its suggested that you upgrade to the re useable rubber steel encapsulated version..they dont leak an can be used over an over.
Price: $110.79 

Engine Wiring Harness Early 85-86 2.3 XR (used)-inquiry
Engine wiring harness from the early year XRs 85 and 86 before some small changes were made in wiring color an connectors.

Exhaust Downpipe Stud Set XR (new)
New replacement XR exhaust downpipe stud set. Comes with all shown in pic. Great replacement item if yours are rusted or missing.
Price: $14.99 

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Pipe XR (used)
new no longer available. Only Good used available. Item removed from engine in service
Price: $23.88 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email Blugg@msn.com, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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