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Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
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Idle Air Control Valve (new)
New aftermarket replacement IAC. Will fit all year XRs and Scorpio.

Idle Air Control Valve gasket (new)
New IAC replacement gasket. Mates the idle Air Control vale to the throttle body.

Ignition Coil (new)
New aftermarket replacement ignition coil for all year XRs and Scorpios. Have available in good used as needed.

Ignition Coil Connector Pigtail (new)
New replacement ignition coil connector with wiring. Great item if your current coil connector has broken secure tab or frayed or corroded wires that connect into coil.

Ignition Coil Connector Plug Rubber Cover (used)-one left
Good used OEM rubber boot that covers the coil ignition connector from moisture and dirt. Helps prevent shorts in contacts from water or corrosion.

Intake Gasket Set XR (new)
Upper intake gasket kit for all year XR motors. Some gaskets shown in picture may not be used in your motors application. Kits comes with all gaskets shown in item photo.

Intake Plenum 2 Way Vacuum Fitting XR (restored)
This fitting attaches to the upper intake plenum of all year XRs. replace your bent, stripped thread fitting with this crisp one.

Intake Plenum Upper XR (used)
Good used upper intake plenum for all year XRs. Stock configuration.

Intercooler Top Mount XR (used) - one left
Inexpensive way to add a intercooler to your 2.3 motor. This top mount intercooler is the most wallet friendly option to give cooling option to your turbo air charge. simple mounting without the need to get elaborate piping set ups. One left

LA3 Computer (used)

Large Vane Air Meter VAM (used)

Lower front aluminum late 2.3 engine cover XR (used)
Lower 2.3 front engine cover in good used condition. Sometimes damaged when removing front crank seal, this is a OEM replacement in lightweight aluminum. Direct fit. This is for late style (1987 an up) 2.3 XR with no groove for front one piece oil pan gasket.

Motor Mount Bracket Spacer/ Stopper XR (restored)
Restored XR motor mount spacer / stopper back to better than new condition.

Motor Mount XR (new)
New aftermarket XR motor mount fits all years from 1985 thru 1989. price is for each mount.

New mount will require to drill your bottom motor mount retaining steel plate from M10 size to M12 to fit the bottom motor mount stud.

New installation hardware included

Price is for one mount

Oil Cap Late Style Threaded XR (new)
This oil cap is for the later style threaded valve covers traditionally used from 1987-1989 on the XR. The early valve covers used a 1/4 turn style oil cap which can be found in limited quantities in our catalog. Direct replacement item. If your cap is missing, losing oil or you have the incorrect type in place grab a new one and put any of these issues behind you.

Oil Cooler 90 degree elbow XR (used)
Good used 2.3 oil cooler 90 degree elbow. Does not come with attaching hardware. Conditions vary from picture.

Oil Cooler Fluted Bolt (used)
Good used oil cooler fluted attaching bolt for the oil cooler device.

Oil Cooler Silicon seal / gasket (new)
This silicon seal / gasket mates the oil cooler to the block preventing oil leaking. Made of silicon to take high heat engine environment.

Oil Dipstick Electronic XR (used) - inquire
good used oil dipstick with the electronic reading provision used for 85-87. cosmetic conditions may vary from photo shown.

Oil Dipstick tube XR (restored)
Fits all year XRs. OEM part restored to new like condition. No longer available new. Comes with attaching L support bracket

Oil feed 90 degree fitting (new)
This fitting attaches to the top side of the center T3 turbo for oil feed line. Brass 90 degree fitting with tapered NPT threads to seal when installed. Brand new item.

Oil Feed Line Stainless Steel XR (new)
Remanufactured new stainless steel oil feed line for all year XRs in stock configuration. Comes pre-bent into OEM bends with threaded fittings on each end for attaching. Suggested that when servicing turbo system to replace oil feed hard line due to possible coking. This is a new item.

Oil Pan Gasket Early 4 piece XR (new)
New oil pan gasket for early style pans with the "ridge" impression in the half moon shaped area. Four piece style.

Oil Pan late style XR (used)
Good used late style XR oil pan. This pan was used after engines built after Feb 1986. The 1/2 moon ends are smooth vs having a small ridge lip.

Uses one piece oil pan gasket vs early version four piece oil pan gasket. Overall conditions may vary.

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