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Trevor Jackson 1986 Azure Blue XR4Ti--completed / delivered

Mike Joyce's of IL 1986 Nimbus Gray XR4Ti --completed / delivered

Joe Smith of AR 1988 Black Scorpio -- completed/delivered

David Ramierzs of IL 1986 Diamond White XR4Ti -- delivered

Roosters of NJ 1986 Rosso Red XR4Ti --Completed / Delivered

James Wiechert of WI 1988 Paris Blue XR4Ti "Wombat Jr" --in progress

JW Bowmans of TX 1989 Black Scorpio -- Completed / Delivered

Alex Arizmendi 1989 Rose Red Scorpio -- Completed / Delivered

Leonard Borden of IL 1986 Mono Black XR4Ti-- Completed / Delivered

Jim Holton's of MI 1988 Burgandy Scorpio--completed / delivered

Paul Chiodini of IL 1988 Rosso Red XR - Completed / Delivered

Jon Richman of WI 85' Nimbus Grey XR Completed / Delivered

Jacob Riesser 85 'Mad Max' tribute XR Completed / delivered