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Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
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Air Conditioning System
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A4LD Transmission Center Case Scorpio (used)
Good used A4LD center casing. Replace your damaged or cracked casing with this good used replacement. No fouled threads or cracks. All machine surfaces in good usable condition.
Price: $85.00 

A4LD Transmission master rebuild kit Scorpio (new)
Scorpio A4LD automatic transmission master rebuilt kit. This A4LD transmission rebuild kit contains: gasket kit, metal clad seals, sealing rings, friction plates and steel plates.
(This kit DOES NOT contain: filters, modulators, bands, sprags, washers, bushings, solenoids, pistons, shift Kits, bearings or hard parts). Those are available separately.
Price: $295.00 

Air Baffle Attaching Hardware Set T9 (restored)
These restored threaded spear shaped hardware secure the T9 air baffle into place of the transmission. Sold as a pair. Fits XR or Scorpio T9 manual transmissions.
Price: $6.00 

Automatic C3 Filter Kit (new) - inquire
New C3 automatic transmission filter kit with new pan gasket. Good to replace while doing any transmission service or repair. Inquire for inventory
Price: $0.00 

Bellhousing 2.3 to T9 (used)
Good used T9 to 2.3 engine transmission bell housing. Great way to replace your cracked unit or use for a custom application that suits your need. Please specify early style bell housing (85-86) or late style bell housing (87-89).
Price: $40.00 

Bracket Transmission Slider style XR (resto)
Replacement transmission slider bracket for all year XRs. Removed from salvage XR cleaned an replated, may show previous signs of use, however still useable an clean. Fits all year XRs. Sold as each.
Price: $11.00 

C3 front pump seal (new)
If your automatic transmission is leaking fluid between the engine and transmission mating area the front pump seal has lost its sealing capabilities. Common fail item, get a new replacement and reseal that front pump seal up!
Price: $14.99 

C3 Transmission Vacuum Modulator XR (new)
New aftermarket replacement automatic C3 transmission vacuum shifter modulator. If your transmission isnt shifting as designed this quick replacement item maybe your culprit.
Price: $25.65 

Case Magnet Ceramic T9 (used)
Correct replacement good used ceramic T9 case magnet. Fits all year T9s, this grabs all metal shavings from gears, miss-shifts etc. Keeps by-product at the bottom of the casing and not meshing in the gearing causing quick failure.

Center Support Bearing CSB (new)
New aftermarket replacement driveshaft CSB Center Support Bearing. Attaches midpoint on the driveshaft, held in place with two bolts. Fits all year XRs an all year Scorpios.
Price: $141.47 

Cluster Gears T9 late (used) - NLA
Good used cluster gear set for the "late" style T9 transmission. This is for 87 and up T9 models. Will not work in T9s with "early" style case.

Clutch Arm Pivot Ball T9 (restored)
Clutch arm pivot ball for T9 manual transmission. threaded on one end and attaching ball on the other. Attaches in bell housing backing. restored to new condition.
Price: $9.99 

Clutch cable clip (restored)
Clip to hold the clutch cable to the bell housing flange.  A needed item if converting you automatic XR to a 5 speed.  Also needed if you have misplaced or lost your original one.
Price: $3.40 

Clutch Cable T9 XR (new)- SOLD OUT
New all year XR4Ti clutch cable for the T9 transmission. May want to replace the clutch pedal pawl cable adjuster at the same time as the clutch cable. Will fit T5 and T9 transmission clutch forks. Have one good use cable available. Email if that is of interest

Clutch Kit T9 XR (new)
If your clutch is worn we have new T9 replacement clutch kits. Comes with new friction plate, new pressure plate, new input shaft bearing, new throw out bearing, and new clutch alignment tool for installation. Fits all year XRs. Not for Scorpio manual trans application. We do not carry any T5 clutches as there are too many options for user end.
Price: $144.99 

Clutch Pawl Kit XR / Scorpio (new)-one left
If your clutch is not engaging properly you can have two possible could be a stretched clutch cable or the pedal assy clutch pawl may have worn or broken teeth. Last one
Price: $79.00 

Counter Shaft Support T9 (used)
Good used late model T9 counter shaft support fitting. Attaches to the front of the T9 case with 3 bolts (blue in color) to give the cluster gear set and caged roller bearing a secure place to operate. Will not fit early T9 transmissions.
Price: $38.00 

Detent Spring assy T9 (used) last one
good used all year Type 9 detent spring assembly. This is used to secure the shift rail in place. Comes with allen screw, spring and detent plunger. One left
Price: $21.80 

Dust Cover Clutch Fork T9 (used)
good used all year T9 manual transmission clutch cable / clutch fork dust cover.
Price: $16.00 

Filter Kit A4LD Scorpio (new)
New filter kit for the A4LD trans.
Price: $25.02 

Flywheel Ring Gear XR (new)
Replacement ring gear for all year 5 speed XR flywheels. If your current unit is damaged, has missing teeth or shows years of wear from starter engagement this new replacement item is in order. installation is done buy means of heat swedging, no hardware is used.
Price: $69.00 

Flywheel XR (used)
If you are doing a 5 speed conversion (T5 or T9) on your XR4Ti you maybe lacking a replacement flywheel. We have a few good used ones available, each will required to be resurfaced before install.
Price: $47.99 

Front bearing cover T9 (used)
Good used T9 input shaft bearing retaining cover. Should fit all year T9s for XR and Scorpio. Suggest changing out seal and installing new retaining cover gasket. Both available in the Transmission section of the online catalog.
Price: $29.00 

Gear Case T9 late style (used)-SOLD OUT
Good used late style T9 cast iron case. This is just a bare case with good threaded areas, free from stripped hardware attaching points. Will not work with gear cluster from pre-87 Type 9 transmission.

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