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Engine Crossmember XR (used)
Good used XR front engine cross member to replace your damaged or dented one. have available in newly restored gloss black powder coating for those doing a restoration.
Price: $85.00 

Inner Tie Rod LH or RH XR (new)
new XR inner tie rod. Overtime this tie rod can be susceptible to wear and become loose giving play in the front steering and suspension. Best to replace in pairs. Sold individually. Available in good used as well for budget minded individuals.
Price: $36.99 

Low Pressure Power Steering Cooling Hardline XR (used)
Good used XR low pressure power steering cooling line. Attaches to the length of the ZF (waffle) style steering rack. Restored with fresh zinc plating.
Price: $27.00 

Outer Tie Rod End LH XR (new)
New left hand outer tie rod end. Replace your broken / worn or loose outer tie rod. Best to replace in pairs. check other item for new right hand tie rod end.
Price: $32.99 

Outer Tie Rod End RH XR (new)
New right hand outer tie rod end. Replace your broken / worn or loose outer tie rod. Best to replace in pairs. check other listing for new left hand tie rod end.
Price: $32.99 

Power Steering Belt XR (new)
new replacement Goodyear Gatorback XR alternator and power steering pump drive belt. sold individually. two required. one of the best drive belts available.
Price: $21.99 

Power Steering Cooler Bracket & Grommet XR (used)
all year XR power steering hard cooler line bracket an rubber grommet that attaches to the inner left fender well area. good used only, condition vary.
Price: $16.50 

Power Steering Cooling Line Bracket XR (restored)
Clamp to secure all year XR steel power steering line to chassis. price for each.
Price: $8.99 

Power Steering Cooling Line XR (used)- one left
Good used XR power steering cooling pipe. Mounts on the inner drivers fender, behind the splash liner. Overall cosmetic conditions vary from picture.
Price: $39.00 

Power Steering High Pressure Line XR (used)
Good used high pressure power steering line for all year XRs. Attaches from steering rack to side of power steering pump. Overall conditions vary. Have new available as needed.
Price: $28.00 

Power Steering Hose High Pressure XR (new)
New aftermarket high pressure power steering line for all year XRs. Goes from power steering rack to power steering pump.
Price: $64.79  Sale price: $49.99 

Power Steering Pump Bracket XR (used)-one left
Good used power steering bracket for all year XRs. Has 4 attaching mounting points to the 2.3 engine block, has "ear" attaching point for the stock alternator location. Conditions vary.
Price: $43.00 

Power Steering Pump XR (rebuilt)
Rebuilt replacement power steering pump for all year XRs. If yours is seized or leaking at the pump replace with a rebuilt unit with new seals to solve the leaking woes.
Price: $89.50 

Power Steering Pump XR (used)
used Power Steering pump that fits all year XRs. Does not come with pulley.
Price: $28.00 

Pulley Power Steering Pump XR (used) one left
Good used 2 groove power steering pump pulley for all year XRs. Installs via friction fit, there is no securing hardware, requires special pulley installation / removal tool for replacement usually found at local auto parts stores or auto repair facilities.
Price: $44.00 

Spindle Front LH XR (used)
Good used XR driver side spindle assy. This is a used item an suggest to replace the bearings / seal as these have previous use from 100K to 250K. Price is for each.
Price: $75.00 

Spindle Front RH XR (used)
Good used XR passenger side spindle assy. This is a used item an suggest to replace the bearings / seal as these have previous use from 100K to 250K. Price is for each.
Price: $75.00 

Steering Column Bushing Kit (new)- One left
New steering column 3 piece bushing kit. Help take out shaft play and slop in your XR or Scorpio steering column. Attaches at the lower firewall.
Price: $33.00 

Steering Rack Bushings rubber (NOS)
Price: $30 

Steering Rack Dust Boot (new)
New steering rack dust boot. replace your worn / torn / missing rack boots. Good time to check if inner and outer tie rods need replacement as well. Fits all year XRs an Scorpios 2 required. sold individually.
Price: $18.10 

Steering Rack ZF XR (reman) - mail in service
Rebuilt XR ZF steering rack. Deep clean of aluminum body, full tear done, new seals, orings, teflon seals installed, hard parts replaced as needed. Complete with new steering rack boots and inner tie rod ends. Requires useable core ZF rack to be shipped for rebuild. Rack is shipped without inner tie rods or boots installed. Fits all year XRs 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989. Rebuild using your serviceable core. If your core is unserviceable $150 additional core fee may be charged to process a donor core to use.
Price: $495.00 

Steering shaft support bearing (new)
Steering shaft bearing upgrade. Removes the factory rubber bushing to a sturdy aluminum housing casing a steeling shaft bearing. This results in a strong tight steering response removing any previous lateral slop. Comes with installation hardware. Requires 2 holes to be drilled in lower firewall for install. Fits all year XRs and Scorpios.
Price: $49.00 

Steering U-Joint Swivel XR (used)
Good used all year XR steering u-joint swivel. overall conditions vary.
Price: $29.00 

Steering Wheel XR (used)
Good used OEM XR steering wheels....if yours is bent, torn or crispy from years in the sun, this is a good used replacement. Does not come with center horn button assy
Price: $49.99 

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