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Merkur Parts Catalog
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Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
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Air Conditioning System
Engine 2.9 Scorpio
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Interior Scorpio
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Cooling Systems Scorpio
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Air Door Solenoid XR / Scorpio (used)
Electric / vacuum solenoid that activates the fresh air door. mounts to right inner fender near battery has 2 wire connector.

1 solenoid is used on all year XRs an 2 solenoids are used on all year Scorpios
Price: $28.00 

Belt Air Condition Compressor Scorpio (new)
New Air Conditioning compressor belt for all year Scorpios. One required.
Price: $23.99 

Belt Air Condition Compressor XR (new)
new Goodyear Gatorback Air Conditioning belt for all year XRs. One required.
Price: $19.99 

Blower Box Assy (used)
Good used blower box assy. If your current box is damaged, missing, cut, chopped, sliced up this replacement comes with the upper and lower sections an flap door. Does not come with blower motor, condenser, or attaching secure clips. Available in individual top or bottom sections. Fits all year XRs or Scorpios.
Price: $35.00 

Blower Box Lower (used)
Good used blower box lower section. Good replacement if your current one has broken attaching points, damaged by blower motor or just missing all together. Lower also available or as a top / bottom assy. Fits all year XRs or Scorpios.
Price: $19.00 

Blower Box Upper (used)
Good used Blower box upper. Replace your missing, damaged, or cut upper with this replacement. Have lower or complete assy available. Fits all year XRs or Scorpios.
Price: $19.00 

Blower Control Module w/Cover Scorpio (used)
Tested good used blower control module for all year Scorpios. No longer available in new.
Price: $88.00 

Blower Motor Scorpio (used)
Good used OEM Scorpio blower motor with proper connectors for install. Fits both 88 & 89 model years.
Price: $95.00 

Blower Motor XR (rebuilt)-Inquire
Rebuilding XR blower motors to have bearings vs stock bushings. Its the newest (an improved) we can come to solve the "no longer available" in new XR blower motor option. Stock levels vary inquire. Disassembled, contacts an terminals cleaned, bushings removed replaced with bearings, contact brushes verified / replaced as needed, outer case restored with replated housing, cages replaced if needed, 1 hour bench test. $150, will need your core XR blower motor prior to sending a rebuilt unit.

Blower Motor XR (used)-one left
Good used blower motor. Conditions vary. Individually tested. Fits all year XRs.
For the discriminating owner inquire about availability on new blower motor (cost is significantly higher) for those when new will only do.
Price: $89.00 

Bracket A/C Compressor XR (used)
Good used XR OEM A/C compressor mounting bracket. Fits all year XRs.
Price: $59.00 

Compressor A/C XR / Scorpio (reman)
When revamping your Merkur A/C system sometimes its best to change A/C compressor instead of using your old tired unit. Bring the icy cold back into your car from the outside heat. Comes with clutch, new seals, fresh oil. Re-manned unit, R12 or R134a compliant, ready for install. Fits XR & Scorpio...only the top manifold plate is different (not supplied with compressor).
Price: $299.00 

Compressor Clutch XR / Scorpio (rebuilt)-Inquire
Replacement if your clutches are seized, rusted, missing or defective. Rebuilt A/C compressor clutch kit. Comes with clutch drive plate, single groove pulley and electro-magnet clutch coil. Also comes with new hardware & snap rings. Fits all year XRs and Scorpios.

Compressor XR Scorpio (used)
Used take off AC compressor with single groove drive belt clutch. Unit has previous service life. Internal Swash piston assembly is free an moving as designed, clutch will have some useable life.

Will ship with some oil for lubrication, however it is suggested to drain an refill with approximately 3.5 ounces of new compatible compressor oil. Fits all year XRs an Scorpios.
Price: $79.00 

Condenser cooling fan XR (used)
Tested used XR condenser fan, fits 85-88 model years.

Will fit an work with 89 XRs however there was a slightly different fan blade design.
Price: $39.00 

Condenser fan 89 only (NOS)-NLA
New front condenser fan motor and fan blade assy to fit the 89 model year XR and Scorpios. The "sweep" design of the blades and the different housing are indications of this one year production fan motor assy. SOLD OUT

Condenser XR (used)
Good used A/C condenser for the late 85 thru 89 XRs. Cosmetically maybe different than unit shown in picture.
Price: $99.00 

Condensor Scorpio (used)
Good used A/C condenser for all year Scorpios.
Price: $85.00 

De Ice Sensor Thermostat Switch XR / Scorpio (used)
Good used de ice sensor switching device. Mounts on the Air Blower Box, contains two mounting points an sensor probe an circuit box. Tells A/C compressor to turn on/off to prevent the evaporator from freezing. Only available in good used.
Price: $34.55 

Elongated Low Pressure Hose XR (new)
These XR elongated A/C hoses route around the hot turbo area, saving the lifespan of the A/C hose. The OEM low pressure hose is routed directly above the turbo, heat soaking the hose and causing your freon to leak out unexpectedly. Get this problem solved once and for all. Need the removed aluminum pipes returned as core. Fits all year XRs, not for Scorpio.
Price: $179.00 

Evaporator XR Scorpio (used)
A/C Evaporator in good used clean condition. Save lots over NOS. Have new expansion valve available should you be replacing the condenser its suggested to do the expansion valve when servicing the A/C. Fits XR & Scorpio all years.
Price: $48.00 

Expansion Valve XR / Scorpio (new)
New replacement Air Conditioner expansion valve. Suggested to replace this item if your A/C system hasnt been operating for many years. Also strongly suggested to replace receiver drier at this time as well. Fits XR and Scorpio.
Price: $44.89 

Heater & Blower box foam gasket seal kit (new)
Price: $34.00 

Heater core firewall foam gasket seal (new)
New replacement foam gasket for firewall hole to heater core. Does not come with the restored heater core protective metal plate.
Price: $12.00 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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