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Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
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Brake Fluid Resivour 87-89 Late XR (NOS)-Inquire
New late style master cylinder brake fluid resivour. Fit 87 - 89 XRs with dual diaphragm brake booster. inquire

Brake Fluid Resivour Cap XR (NOS)-NLA
XR brake fluid resivour sensor level cap. Fits all year XRs.

Brake Pads Front XR / Scorpio (NOS)
New front brake pads with wear sensor wires by Motorcraft. Will fit all year XRs and all year Scorpios fronts. One box has enough front brake pads to do both front brakes of one car.
Price: $57.30 

Brake Sensor Wire XR (NOS)
No longer Available from Ford, this is a NOS front brake sensor wire for all year XRs. connects from body harness to connector on front brake pad. this sends signal to warning lights when pad service life is low an needing replacing. Price is for each.
Price: $85.00 

Brake Shoes XR (NOS)
Factory correct OEM Motorcraft rear brake shoes. These fit all year XRs from 1985 to 1989. For those that want to keep their XR 100% OEM. Few available, get while NOS stock is available.
Price: $79.99 

Bumper spacer aluminum shim (NOS)
New old stock bumper shim. Prevent corrosion bond of dis-similar metals where steel shock bumper assy mates to aluminum bumper. Great restoration item.
Price: $9.99 

Caliper Slider Pin Kit (NOS)
new caliper slider pins. Each kit has enough pins to do one side. Two kits required per car. Save your brakes from sticking calipers and premature brake pad wear.
Price: $13.20 

Clock Bulb (new)
Correct OEM replacement bulb for the XR4Ti clock. Many times one or both of the clock bulbs are burnt out. These bulbs are very difficult to source. Bring your clock lighting back and see again. Two required for XR4Ti One required for Scorpio.
Price: $5.50 

Clutch Pedal Pad (NOS) inquire
Limited stock of brand new OEM Ford clutch pedal pads. replace your worn pad out with this brand new correct one. Check our brake pedal pad item and replace both your pedal pads for that crisp fresh restored look.

Condenser fan 89 only (NOS)-NLA
New front condenser fan motor and fan blade assy to fit the 89 model year XR and Scorpios. The "sweep" design of the blades and the different housing are indications of this one year production fan motor assy. SOLD OUT

Coolant Level Sensor (NOS) SOLD OUT
New coolant bottle level sensor for all year XRs and Scorpios. No longer available. Have a small cache of used second hand level sensors

Coolant Tempature Gauge Sender XR (Purple ring) (NOS)- inquire
NOS Purple ring gauge cluster sensor. Inquire to availability

Cosworth headlamp bulkhead set (NOS) - one set available
Sheet metal headlamp bulkheads for those converting their stock US spec headlamps to Cosworth euro style glass head lamps. Does require you to remove many spot welds an tack weld in these bulkheads into place.
Price: $250.00 

Cowl End LH XR (new-repro) No Longer Available
New reproduction left hand cowl corner end using new molds an modern plastics with UV protection. Replace your busted, missing or tattered cowl corner with a newly reproduced trim piece that is every part or better than NOS

Cowl End XR RH (new-repro) - No Longer Available
New reproduction right hand cowl corner end using new molds an modern plastics. Replace your busted, missing or tattered cowl corner with a newly reproduced trim piece that is every part or better than NOS. NLA in new or used

Cowl Panel Screw Kit (NOS)- No longer available
New replacement cowl panel screw kit. Comes with 6 center attaching plastic screws and caps as well as 2 larger outer plastic screws and caps. OEM correct kit. SOLD OUT

Dash Bulb (NOS)-Inquire
OEM Ford special dash bulb. Imported from overseas. Put light back into your gauges and see at night. If replacing all bulbs in your XR4Ti six (6) will be required. Inquire.

Emblem Hood Merkur Oval (large) (NOS)-Inquire
NOS Front Merkur badge hood emblem. Crisp logo, flawless chrome that only a NOS emblem can bring. Fits all year XR and Scorpios. Inquire

Emblem MERKUR Script (NOS)- Inquire
This New Old Stock MERKUR script emblem mounts to the rear spoiler of all 1988 and 1989 Merkur Scorpios and all 1988 and 1989 XR4Tis. A must have for correct restorations. Dont "get by" with your weathered emblem, replace with a fresh crisp correct NOS piece. Inquire

Emblem small Merkur Oval hatch emblem 85-87.5 (NOS)-NLA
NOS rear hatch small oval Merkur logo emblem. A must have after repaint or restoration. Factory correct for 85-early 87 XRs. Comes with stud on backside for mounting. Sold out

Fender Front Passenger Side XR (NOS)-NLA
All year XR front passenger side fender. NOS with euro side repeater cut out. This has been moved around a lot over the years an comes with slight zing/ding imperfections, hence the discount price. Shipping tabulated by location after purchase.

Fog Lamp Drivers Side XR (NOS) - NLA
New Old Stock Driver side fog lamp. Genuine Merkur part. Very limited quantity available on this item. Perfect item for a top notch restoration.

Fog Lamp Passenger side XR (NOS) - NLA
New Old Stock passenger side fog lamp. Genuine Merkur part. Very limited quantity available on this item. Perfect item for a top notch restoration.

Front Turn Signal Lens LH XR (NOS) - one left
Brand new OEM Ford Left Hand amber turn signal lens.
Price: $65.00 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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