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Air Cleaner Cover Hardware XR (restored)
OEM correct XR air cleaner cover hardware.  These are usually missing or damaged from rust.  We have the correct screw hardware to hold the OEM XR air cleaner cover.  each is restored to better than new condtion.  Price is for each.
Price: $8.05 

Air Cleaner Cover XR (restored)
Newly restored XR4Ti air cleaner cover. Great restoration item for the perfect OEM touch. restored in correct wrinkle finish.
Price: $43.99 

Air Filter XR (new)
Correct aftermarket oval OEM replacement air filter. Great tune up item. Limited stock
Price: $23.90 

FPR Pipe Fitting XR (resto)
This small pipe fits between the fuel pressure regulator and the upper intake plenum on all year XRs. restored for the new look.
Price: $6.99 

Fuel Clip Circle Retaining Clip XR (new)
New replacement XR fuel line circle retaining clip.
Price: $1.95 

Fuel Duck Bill Clip XR (new)
New replacement XR fuel line duck bill style secure clip. price is for each.
Price: $1.85 

Fuel Feed Line Plastic Rear XR (used)
Good used rear plastic fuel "feed" line from fuel tank to fuel filter. Over the years your current fuel line maybe crimped, crushed, damaged, snapped or warped. This is a good used replacement OEM plastic fuel line with connectors. Correct fitment. this is for one plastic rear fuel "feed" line. Check your car and see if frame rail secure clips are needed as well.
Price: $29.00 

Fuel Filter XR (new)
OEM Motorcraft correct XR4Ti replacement fuel filter. Suggested to replace your fuel filter every 30,000 miles. If your not aware of the last time your fuel filter was replaced its good preventative measure to replace sooner than later. Comes with two new duckbill clips for installation. Price is for each.
Price: $27.65 

Fuel Hardline Metal Feed XR (new)
New replacement XR fuel "feed" hardline, that goes along the chassis from back to front. Line will be softly bent for shipping
Price: $60.00 

Fuel Hardline Metal Return XR (new)
New replacement XR fuel return hardline reproduced to exact OEM bends. rusted and leaking lines now have a solution. have new fuel feed line as well. Line will be softly bent in middle for shipping.
Price: $60.00 

Fuel Injector 35# XR (used)
Used 35 pound brown top injector. removed from salvaged car untested. Will fit all year XRs. Early 85 year models had green top injector. email for availability.
Price: $26.00 

Fuel Injector O Ring and Cap Kit (new)
New fuel injector o-ring, spacer washer and pintle cap kit. enough to do one o-ring. Comes as shown in picture. Fits XR & Scorpio fuel injectors.
Price: $6.75 

Fuel Injector O Ring Kit (new)
New fuel injector o-ring kit comes with two o-rings, or enough to do one fuel injector.
Price: $3.00 

Fuel Injector Wiring Harness XR (used)
Good used 2.3 Turbo fuel injector harness for all year XRs. Various overall conditions.
Price: $27.00 

Fuel Level Sending Unit XR (rebuilt)-inquire
Those looking for peace of mind over a used Fuel Sending Unit, this unit is rebuilt an has 1 year warranty. Requires you send your old unit back as core. Specify if low pressure fuel pump is needed as unit will be sent without if not noted.

Fuel Level Sending Unit XR (used)-inquire
Service of repairing or rebuilding your Fuel Sending unit. inquire. mail in yours, and if repairable we can fix.

Fuel Line Rubber Feed Line XR (used)
Rubber feed line for all year XRs in good used condition. Mounts near the brake booster in the engine bay area.
Price: $16.00 

Fuel Line Rubber Return XR (used)
Good used rubber fuel return line for all year XRs. Attaches near the brake booster in the engine bay area.
Price: $16.00 

Fuel Pressure Regulator XR (new)
New aftermarket stock replacement fuel pressure regulator for all year XRs.
Price: $32.00 

Fuel Pressure Regulator XR (used)
Good used OEM style XR fuel pressure regulator.
Price: $14.00 

Fuel Pulse Dampner XR (used)
Restored XR fuel dampners. Choice of yellow or silver zinc colors. Does not come with small stub fuel hose, comes just with fuel dampner. We do have the early "bell" style dampner as well, just ask.
Price: $22.50 

Fuel Pump Bracket Inline XR (refurbished)
Price: $46.95 

Fuel Pump High Pressure XR (new)
New aftermarket high pressure fuel pump (rail pump) for all year XRs. If your system is not maintaining at or near 40 psi of fuel pressure its time to replace this pump.
Price: $134.99 

Fuel Pump High Pressure XR (used)
Good used all year XR high pressure fuel pump....also referred to as the rail pump. Externally located near the fuel filter.
Price: $48.00 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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