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Merkur Parts Catalog
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Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
Ignition 2.3 XR4Ti
Air Conditioning System
Engine 2.9 Scorpio
Cruise Control System
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Interior Scorpio
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Cooling Systems Scorpio
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Steering Scorpio
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Armrest Leather Scorpio (black) (resto)
Restored Scorpio armrest in black leather color. Genuine leather. Requires your old armrest foam piece be returned as a core.
Price: $89.99 

Armrest Leather Scorpio (tan) (resto)
Restored Scorpio armrest in correct tan leather color. Genuine leather. Requires your old armrest foam piece be returned as a core.
Price: $89.99 

Blend Door Motor (used)
Blend door for the outer left and right side of dash A/C heat vents. The center an lower blend doors are different design an are available by direct request to Price is for one blend door motor.
Price: $44.00 

Carpet Scorpio raven (used)

Center Console w/armrest (Taupe) Scorpio (NOS)
Brand new New Old Stock Scorpio center console section with NOS leather padded armrest in taupe color. RARE RARE color ..... even Rarer in Mint NOS. For the perfect resto Scorpio. only one for pricing details.

Cigarette Lighter Socket (used)
Good used cigarette lighter holder socket. Fits all year XRs and Scorpios. Will fit front or rear of interior. Comes as shown.
Price: $4.50 

Clock Bulb (new)
Correct OEM replacement bulb for the XR4Ti clock. Many times one or both of the clock bulbs are burnt out. These bulbs are very difficult to source. Bring your clock lighting back and see again. Two required for XR4Ti One required for Scorpio.
Price: $5.50 

Cruise Control Pedal Disengaging Switch (used)
Good used pedal safety switch to dis-engage the cruise system when pedal is depressed. Fits all year XRs and Scorpios with the manual transmission. Electro-vacuum activated. Price is for each.
Price: $23.00 

Dash Bulb (NOS)-Inquire
OEM Ford special dash bulb. Imported from overseas. Put light back into your gauges and see at night. If replacing all bulbs in your XR4Ti six (6) will be required. Inquire.

Door Card PS Front Black Leather Scorpio (used)
Good used black Scorpio RH front door card with leather insert. Comes with leather insert and grab handle. Does not come with switch, handle trim or door pocket.
Price: $42.00 

Floor Mats Scorpio Fronts (Raven) (NOS)-NLA
New Scorpio Front Floor mats in raven color. No Longer Available.

Floor Mats Scorpio Fronts (Taupe) (NOS)
Brand new Scorpio front floor mats. Taupe in color. Price is for a pair of fronts.
Price: $148.00 

Gauge Surround Bezel (Scorpio) (used)-Inquire
This is the Scorpio gauge surround bezel usually found one or more of the installation mounting points broken. We have a VERY limited amount of unbroken surrounds available. We do have other surround with one or more tabs fractured that we maybe able to repair for a "driver", these would be available upon request, contact as needed.

Heated Seat Harness Scorpio (used)
Good used Scorpio heated seat wiring harness from dash to center console switches. Does not include the seat element harness, just whats pictured.
Price: $26.99 

Heated seat pad element lower (NOS)- inquire
NOS lower heated seat element pad.

Heated seat pad element lower (used)
Good used tested heated seat element pad for the lower portion of the seat (butt portion). Fits all year XRs an Scorpios driver or passenger seat. Comes with wiring connector as shown. Overall cosmetic condition may vary from picture.
Price: $27.95 

Interior Lens XR (late) / Scorpio (used)
good used kick panel lens(on later build XRs of late 86 and up) also used in various interior areas of all year Scorpios. uses a twist insert style bulb holder which secures to lens.
Price: $9.00 

Lock Set Scorpio w/ 2 keys (used)-Only Set Avail
Good used door lock set with 2 Tibbie keys for late 88-89 Scorpios. Can be used in all year Scorpios if desired. Comes as shown.
Price: $99.99 

Lower Dash Felt Cover Push Pin (restored)
Factory correct under dash felt securing push pin. Good restored condition. Used in XR an Scorpios all years.
Price: $.33 

Odometer Gear Scorpio (reproduced)-One Left
New replacement Scorpio odometer gear. Reproduced using stronger plastic materials to prevent gear tooth from breaking again. email for availability.
Price: $35.00 

Overhead clock bezel surround (Scorpio) (used)-Inquire
This is the Scorpio overhead surround bezel that covers the sunroof operation motor, houses the clock / temp display and where the interior temperature sensor is located. Inquire on availability. Does not come with clock / sunroof switch or sensor.

Overhead clock display (Scorpio) (used) Inquire
This is the Scorpio overhead LCD clock / temp / timer display. These good used units are tested prior to ensure functions are in working condition. Comes with new clock bulb installed.

Padded Merkur logo key blank (NOS)-SOLD OUT
OEM Blank Merkur Logo padded key blank. Made to fit all XR locks as well as Scorpio glove box. NLA

Radio Power Harness w/amp XR / Scorpio (used) - One Left
Good used radio power feed harness with amp connector. Fits XR an Scorpio with late style radios with factory amplifier provision. One left
Price: $49.00 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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