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Merkur Parts Catalog
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Engine Gasket Kit Complete XR (new)
2.3 liter complete engine / seal gasket set. Comes complete with head gasket, crank and cam seals, valve guide seals, oil pump gasket, aux shaft gasket, turbo gaskets, intake - exhaust- throttle body, plus more. The valve cover gasket is cork material, its suggested that you upgrade to the re useable rubber steel encapsulated version..they dont leak an can be used over an over.
Price: $110.79 

Engine Wiring Harness Early 85-86 2.3 XR (used)-inquiry
Engine wiring harness from the early year XRs 85 and 86 before some small changes were made in wiring color an connectors.

Exhaust Downpipe Stud Set XR (new)
New replacement XR exhaust downpipe stud set. Comes with all shown in pic. Great replacement item if yours are rusted or missing.
Price: $16.99 

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Pipe XR (used)
Good used available, working threaded fittings which are usually damaged upon removal. Item removed from engine in service
Price: $29.88 

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve EGR XR (new)
Price: $149.30 

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve EGR XR (used)
Good used EGR valve for the XR 2.3 liter motor. New are around $150......get this good used item for a BLOWOUT price.
Price: $9.99 

Exhaust manifold bolt XR 2.3 (resto)
OEM correct exhaust manifold to cylinder head bolt. This is the correct size, correct shank, correct hardness and correct thread pitch for all year XR4Ti Price is for each A total of 8 are needed if replacing all bolts. email for availability.
Price: $6.75 

Exhaust Manifold Gasket XR (new)
Exhaust manifold gasket for the stock 2.3 manifold. Fits all year XRs with E3 or E6.
Price: $14.05 

Flywheel Ring Gear XR (new)
Replacement ring gear for all year 5 speed XR flywheels. If your current unit is damaged, has missing teeth or shows years of wear from starter engagement this new replacement item is in order. installation is done buy means of heat swedging, no hardware is used.
Price: $69.00 

Flywheel XR (used)
If you are doing a 5 speed conversion (T5 or T9) on your XR4Ti you maybe lacking a replacement flywheel. We have a few good used ones available, each will required to be resurfaced before install.
Price: $47.99 

FPR Pipe Fitting XR (resto)
This small pipe fits between the fuel pressure regulator and the upper intake plenum on all year XRs. restored for the new look.
Price: $6.99 

Front Cam Oil Seal XR (new)
Price: $7.24 

Front Crank Oil Seal Kit XR (new)
New Front crank oil seal gasket set. Comes as shown.
Price: $12.69 

Fuel Injector 35# (refurb)
Rebuilt brown top 35# fuel injector. Special request item....may take 2 weeks to ship. Can rebuild your injectors if desired. Contact
Price: $40.00 

Fuel Injector O Ring Kit (new)
New fuel injector o-ring kit comes with two o-rings, or enough to do one fuel injector.
Price: $3.00 

Fuel Injector Wiring Harness XR (used)
Good used 2.3 Turbo fuel injector harness for all year XRs. Various overall conditions.
Price: $27.00 

Fuel Pressure Regulator XR (new)
New aftermarket stock replacement fuel pressure regulator for all year XRs.
Price: $32.00 

Fuel Pulse Dampner XR (used)
Restored XR fuel dampners. Choice of yellow or silver zinc colors. Does not come with small stub fuel hose, comes just with fuel dampner. We do have the early "bell" style dampner as well, just ask.
Price: $22.50 

Fuel Rail XR (refurb)
Restored Fuel Rail for all year XRs. Acid dipped to remove years of dirt and such. Re-plated in fresh yellow zinc. Extremely nice engine dress up item.
Price: $62.99 

Ground Terminal Large XR (used)
Large opening brass engine bay ground terminal connector for all year XRs. Attaches to the lower power steering pump bolt. One required per car. Have small ground terminal available as well.
Price: $1.25 

Ground Terminal Small XR (used)
Engine ground terminal connector small size for all year XRs. Mounts to the top intake plenum hardware. One required per car. Have large ground terminal connector available as well.
Price: $1.25 

Grounding Strap Lead XR (used)
Good used engine ground strap for XR, cleaned an detoxed from years of previous use. If you have electrical gremlins a missing or poor connecting ground maybe your anomaly. Could be used in either of the two engine bay ground locations.
Price: $5.99 

Head Gasket 2.3 XR (new)
Brand new Fel-Pro 8993-1 headgasket. Good for regular driving with moderate boost levels. Check out the engine dowel listing good time to replace those. Price is for each.
Price: $21.78 

Heat Shield for #3 Spark Plug on XR4Ti-SOLD OUT
Good used turbo heat shield for the number 3 spark plug area on the 2.3 Turbo for all year XRs. Most of the time this item is missing or rusted away. This is a good used or re-worked item. SOLD OUT

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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