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Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
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Shim Plate 2.3 block to T9 / T5 manual transmission (used)
Aluminum 2.3 block shim plate that sandwiches inbetween the block and the Type 9 or Type 5 Ford manual transmission. Only available in second hand used.
Price: $24.00 

Shim Plate 2.3 to C3 automatic transmission XR (used)
Good used aluminum shim plate for all year XRs with the C3 Ford transmission. This aluminum plate mounts between the back side of the 2.3 engine block and the front of the C3 bellhousing during installation.
Price: $24.00 

Short Throw Shifter kit T9 transmission XR (new)- SOLD OUT
New T9 short shifter kit (on the right in picture) with shim plate and attaching hardware. Makes shifting "throws" more quicker, an driving more spirited.

Speed Sensor (VSS) Manual Transmission Scorpio Only (NOS)-NLA
Scorpio Manual Transmission Speed Sensor (also called VSS). This will only work for factory T9 manual transmission Scorpios. Will not fit or work on automatic transmission Scorpios. NLA

Speedometer Cable (automatic w/ cruise) XR (new)
Need a replacement speedometer cable for your XR and you have the OEM cruise system? This is a new after market part that fits XR automatics or T5 conversions with cruise control feature. Has threaded fitting on one end for attaching to cruise speed sensor on false firewall.
Price: $49.00 

Speedometer Cable (T5 or automatic XRs w/ no cruise) (new)
If your speedometer is jumping or not working at all you may need to replace the cable. This cable will also work for those converting from a T9 manual transmission to a T5 manual transmission.
Price: $49.00 

Speedometer Cable Non-Cruise T9 XR (used)-SOLD OUT
Good used T9 speedometer cable with-out cruise feature. genuine Ford part.

Speedometer Cable Secure Clip T9 (new)
This spring clip holds your T9 speedometer cable to the T9 transmission.  Requires one for T9 manual transmission XR4Ti.  Price is for each.
Price: $3.50 

Speedometer Cable T9 w/cruise XR (used)-SOLD OUT
Good used OEM Ford speedometer cable for manual T9 transmissions provisioned with cruise control feature. One end has threaded attachment fitting usually found on 87-89 model year XRs. Please ensure your XR has this threaded fitting.

Speedometer gear T9 XR (NOS)-SOLD OUT
Speedometer gear insert for the T9 manual transmission. No longer available

T5 Cross-member wide tunnel XR (new)
Specially made for the XR4Ti to convert to a T5 manual transmission. Available in wide tunnel only applications 1986-1989. all 1985 and some 1986 models have a narrow tunnel. Narrow tunnel crossmember size NLA. Have correct transmission isolator mount as well.
Price: $86.00 

T5 Crossmember transmission rubber mount (new)
New T5 conversion transmission cross member isolator bushing, fits our T5 narrow or wide transmission cross members
Price: $21.99 

T5 Drive Shaft adapter (new) Inquire
Mustang T5 driveshaft adapter to stock XR rear differential. Allows you to mate the two conversion pieces together. Custom made...may take up to two weeks to ship. Attaching hardware not included, available for additional $20 for bolt set email if hardware set is needed. Made to order

T5 Speedometer gear gray 18 tooth (used)
For those doing or with a T5 conversion this 18 tooth T5 speedo gear maybe the one you need based on tire size. Only available in good used.
Price: $9.99 

T5 Speedometer gear orange 20 tooth (used)
For those doing or with a T5 conversion this 20 tooth T5 speedo gear maybe the one you need based on tire size. Only available in good used.
Price: $12.00 

T5 Speedometer gear pink 19 tooth (new)
For those doing or with a T5 conversion this 19 tooth T5 speedo gear maybe the one you need based on tire size.
Price: $15.44 

T9 cover bolt (restored)
This is the correct OEM bolt with built in washer used in securing the lid of the early or late T9 transmission used in all year XRs. Restored and replated to new condition.
Price: $1.45 

T9 Gasket Kit T9 (new)- sold out
This is a 5 piece gasket kit specifically for the OEM T9 transmission. Will work on all year 5 speed XR4Tis with the OEM T9 manual transmissions and all year Scorpios with the OEM T9 manual transmissions. Suggest replacing the front and rear oil seals at the same time if you are replacing the transmission gaskets.

T9 trans assy no bellhousing (used)-inquire
Good used T9 five speed manual transmission. Does not include bell housing. email if more details are desired. Have one available.

T9 Transmission Cosmetically Detailed (used)
restored hardware & top cover. unit is not rebuilt just detailed T9 in good used condition. Bell housing and safety switches not included. Shipping varys by location. email for other details.

Transmission Crossmember Narrow Tunnel XR (used)
Good used narrow tunnel (85 - 86 XRs) transmission cross member. may or may not come with rubber center support, which would also be a used item. various overall conditions.
Price: $19.99 

Transmission Crossmember Wide Tunnel XR (used)
OEM wide tunnel transmission crossmember in used pull off condition.
Price: $19.99 

Transmission Mount Insulator (new)-one left
New replacement of the square style Scorpio & 85 year XR4Ti transmission mount. This is a new item to replace your worn or sagging aged rubber mount. Its strongly suggested to replace this item in tandem with a guibo if you have had a guibo failure.
Price: $89.00 

Transmission Mount Round Style XR (new)- two left
New replacement of the round style XR transmission mount. This is a new reproduced item to replace your worn or sagging aged mount. Good ideal to replace this item if you have had a guibo failure. Two available
Price: $99.00 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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