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Guibo / Drive Shaft coupler (new)
If you are experiencing a odd vibration from your drive train that increases as your speed increases your drive shaft guibo (also called drive shaft coupler) may have cracked or have chunks missing. No need to replace your the whole drive shaft as Ford dealers stated. You may wish to also replace the center support bearing and transmission mount at the same time and bring full drive train tightness back.
Price: $59.95 

Input (front) shaft oil seal T9 (new)
This T9 oil seal may show signs of leaking on your T9 transmission, its possible if the leak around the input shaft is bad enough oil may spray on your clutch friction disc causing serious slipping. If you are taking your transmission out its a good idea to replace this rubber seal as an original one can be dry or cracked by now. Suggest getting a T9 gasket kit and rear output shaft oil seal at the same time.
Price: $11.75 

Input Shaft Bearing T9 (NOS)-one left
This input shaft bearing fits the T9 transmission. Good for those rebuilding their transmission.
Price: $75.00 

Input Shaft Pilot Bearing T9 T5 (new)
When doing a clutch replacement or converting your former automatic XR or Scorpio to a manual transmission, the pilot input bearing is often overlooked. Will need if converting car from auto to 5 speed (T9 or T5)
Price: $7.10 

Input Shaft XR T9 (used)-NLA
good used all year T9 input shaft. Does not come with input shaft bearing as pictured. Will not fit T9s used in Scorpios. Inquire on stock levels.

Kickdown Cable C3 Transmission XR (used)
Good used kick down actuation cable for all year XRs with the C3 automatic transmission. Connects from the transmission (left side of casing) to the throttle body.
Price: $24.00 

Neutral Safety Switch C3 / A4LD (NOS)
New Old Stock of the safety switch for the Automatic equipped XR and Scorpio transmissions. If your car will start while in gear your safety switch is defective and needs to be replaced. Have one NOS switch avail. Have good used available as well.
Price: $54.79 

Output (rear) shaft oil seal T9 (new)
This T9 oil seal may show signs of leaking on your T9 transmission, its possible to leak around the output shaft spraying on the guibo and driveshaft. This seal can be replaced by removing the driveshaft, yet leaving the transmission in the car. Its a good preventative measure to replace this rubber seal as an original one can be dry or cracked and leaking may take place soon. Suggest getting a T9 gasket kit and front input shaft oil seal at the same time.
Price: $16.80 

Rear Tail Shaft Seal A4LD / C3 (new)
New replacement automatic transmission tail shaft seal for all year XRs and Scorpios. Stops leaking from the rear shaft area that mates the driveshaft to transmission. Fits C3 and A4LD transmissions.
Price: $13.99 

Reverse Shift Lever Assy w/gear T9 (used) NLA
Good used T9 late model (should work with early model as well) reverse shift lever assembly. No Longer Available

Safety Switch Neutral C3 / A4LD (used)
Good used C3 or A4LD Neutral Safety Switch (NSS). If your car can start while in any gear other than (P)ark or (N)eutral you need to replace this switch. Fits all XR and Scorpios equipped with automatic C3 or A4LD transmissions.
Price: $24.00 

Safety Switch Neutral T9 (used)
Good used replacement T9 neutral safety switch. If your 5 speed T9 equipped trans will not turnover with the key its possible this switch has failed. -- No Longer Available.

Safety Switch Reverse T9 (used)
We have a small stash of good used T9 reverse light switches available. Save some $$ over new, good while supply lasts.
Price: $26.00 

Shifter Assy Automatic C3 transmission XR (used)
Good used all year XR automatic C3 transmission shifter assy. Comes as shown. Have shifter bezel, plate, an knob as needed, just ask.
Price: $28.00 

Shifter Boot Framing Plate Hardware T9 (restored)
Correct securing hardware for the T9 shifter boot framing plate. Restored to new condition using OEM hardware. Requires 4 screws. Price is for each screw.
Price: $1.05 

Shifter Boot Framing Plate T9 (used)
Good used brown plastic T9 shifter boot securing plate. This framing plate secures the inner an outer shifter boot from outside noise / dirt / an usual road debris. Correct securing hardware available.
Price: $16.99 

Shifter Boot T9 XR (NOS)-NLA
Accordion T9 interior shifter boot in NOS. No rips, no wear, no holes....for the Merk purist. No Longer Available

Shifter Boot T9 XR (used)
Used T9 shifter boot. Conditions vary, may have tears or wear markings. OEM Ford item.
Price: $32.00 

Shifter Bushing Saddle Clip T9 (new)
This is a new replacement T9 shifter bushing clip. Takes out shifter slop that develops over years of use or if you have misplaced or broken your original one. Installs at the bottom forked area of the T9 shifter.
Price: $19.99 

Shifter Inner Boot (NOS)- Inquire
Inner shifter boot for the T9 transmission. This keeps sound, dirt, road debris out of the interior. New item inquire

Shifter Knob 5 speed T9 (NOS)-NLA
Manual T9 transmission shift knob for XR or Scorpio. No Longer Available

Shifter Knob T9 (used)
This is the shifter knob for the T9 manual transmission. Varying conditions. Good threads, Embedded shift pattern white color graphics. This is not the early 85 year XR style with the transparent shift pattern graphics.
Price: $28.00 

Shifter Surround Bezel T5 (used)- No Longer Available
For those doing a T5 conversion in their XR will need the shifter surround that is fitting to complete the conversion. This surround is what you need. The "mouth" opening is larger than the T9 version. SOLD OUT

Shifter Surround Bezel T9 (used)
XR interior T9 OEM shifter surround bezel. A great replacement item with all mounting tabs intact. This is not the larger T5 euro / cosworth shifter mouth opening.
Price: $24.35 

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