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Parts Catalog
$10 an under items
Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
Ignition 2.3 XR4Ti
Air Conditioning System
Engine 2.9 Scorpio
Cruise Control System
Interior XR4Ti
Interior Scorpio
Cooling Systems XR
Cooling Systems Scorpio
Sheet Metal
Body and Glass
Steering XR4Ti
Steering Scorpio
Fuel System
Customized Merkur Items
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NOS XR Items
NOS Scorpio Items
Air and Fuel 2.3 XR4Ti
T3 Turbo Items
Hardware, Clips, Brackets
Gaskets, Seals, Bushings, Rubber
Connectors / Plugs
Light Bulbs / Illumination
Seat Adjustment Knob Retaining Clip (NOS)-inquire
This retaining clip secures the seat back adjustment knob on the front seats of all year XRs. This spring steel clip "locks" the rotating adjustment knob in place.

Shifter Boot Framing Plate Hardware T9 (restored)
Correct securing hardware for the T9 shifter boot framing plate. Restored to new condition using OEM hardware. Requires 4 screws. Price is for each screw.
Price: $1.05 

Side Mirror Cover LH (used)
Good used replacement side mirror covers for the XR4ti. Price blowout...under $10 each! Which side? 
Price: $7.99 

Side Mirror Cover RH (used)
Replacement side mirror plastic cover. Blowout under $10 item!
Price: $7.99 

Spark Plug 2.9 Scorpio (new)
New Autolite 765 spark plugs. Price is for each.
Price: $3.13 

Spark Plugs XR (new)
Good replacement spark plug Autolite 764s. Price is for each.
Price: $1.81 

Speedometer Cable Secure Clip T9 (new)
This spring clip holds your T9 speedometer cable to the T9 transmission.  Requires one for T9 manual transmission XR4Ti.  Price is for each.
Price: $3.50 

Stainless Steel T9 manual speedocable secure clip (new)
New replacement speedometer cable locking clip for all year XRs using the T9 transmission. Made from stainless steel for the highest resistance of rust or corrosion.
Price: $6.00 

Stainless Steel Third Brake Lamp Attaching Screws XR (new)
New polished stainless steel XR third brake lamp attaching screws. replace your rusted, missing or broken 3rd lamp screws with these stainless one that will never rust and have a high luster finish. can paint black to keep a factory look with the no rusting effect of stainless. Sold as a pair.
Price: $2.20 

Steering Wheel XR (used)
Good used OEM XR steering wheels....if yours is bent, torn or crispy from years in the sun, this is a good used replacement. Does not come with center horn button. BLOWOUT overstock...under $10 each!
Price: $9.99 

Striker Hatch XR / Scorpio (used)
pull off used hatch striker for the hatch latch to secure into. Not available in new, expect some wear on stub portion of striker.
Price: $6.00 

Sunroof Crank Handle XR (used)
Manual sunroof cranking handle for the XR in good used condition. Have NOS available for the discriminating Merkur owner. Replace your missing knob handle an let the sun shine in!
Price: $9.99 

Sway Bar Bushing Bracket (restored)
restored OEM XR sway bar brackets, you have a choice of gold zinc, silver zinc or black paint. Please return your old ones for core. There is no core charge on this item. Price is for each.
Price: $10.00 

T5 Speedometer gear gray 18 tooth (used)
For those doing or with a T5 conversion this 18 tooth T5 speedo gear maybe the one you need based on tire size. Only available in good used.
Price: $9.99 

Thermostat Housing Gasket XR (new)
New replacement thermostat housing gasket. Mates thermostat housing to engine block.
Price: $1.10 

Throttle Body Gasket Kit XR (new)
Comes with one upper to lower intake gasket an one throttle body to upper intake gasket for the 2.3 XR motor as shown in pic.
Price: $3.10 

Throttle Body Gasket XR (new)
New replacement throttle body gasket.
Price: $1.10 

Throttle Pedal (used)
Good used XR or Scorpio throttle pedal Fits all years.
Price: $9.99 

Upper Intake Plenum Gasket XR (new)
Upper intake replacement manifold plenum gasket. Mates the upper and lower intakes. Fits all year XRs.
Price: $1.89 

Valve Cover Grommet XR (new)
New replacement late model 2.3 valve cover (with the larger 5/8" opening, usually found on late 87-89 XRs) for the breather can.
Price: $6.35 

Valve Cover Oil Breather Cap 5/8" XR (used)
Good used late style (87-89) valve cover oil breather cap. This version has the larger opening on the bottom 5/8" that inserts into the valve cover with the use of a rubber grommet for sealing purposes.
Price: $19.00 

Washer bottle resivour cap (rear bottle) (used)
Nice used rear washer bottle resivour secure cap. Many times cracked or missing we have a stash of good used ones. Some are transparent and some are yellow in color. Please specify which color is needed.
Price: $3.99 

Water Pump Gasket XR (new)
new replacement water pump gasket. Mates the water pump to the engine block.
Price: $1.78 

Windshield washer pump (used)
Correct OEM good used windshield washer pump. Budget replacement unit to get your fluid pumping again. Have new aftermarket and NOS washer pumps as well.
Price: $10.00 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email Blugg@msn.com, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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