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Merkur Parts Catalog
$10 an under items
Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
Ignition 2.3 XR4Ti
Air Conditioning System
Engine 2.9 Scorpio
Cruise Control System
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Interior Scorpio
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Cooling Systems Scorpio
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Steering Scorpio
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Ground Terminal Large XR (used)
Large opening brass engine bay ground terminal connector for all year XRs. Attaches to the lower power steering pump bolt. One required per car. Have small ground terminal available as well.
Price: $1.25 

Ground Terminal Small XR (used)
Engine ground terminal connector small size for all year XRs. Mounts to the top intake plenum hardware. One required per car. Have large ground terminal connector available as well.
Price: $1.25 

Grounding Strap Lead XR (used)
Good used engine ground strap for XR, cleaned an detoxed from years of previous use. If you have electrical gremlins a missing or poor connecting ground maybe your anomaly. Could be used in either of the two engine bay ground locations.
Price: $5.99 

Guibo Bolt hardware kit (restored)
Restored correct replacement guibo (driveshaft flex coupler) hardware. Comes as shown, one bolt, one washer, one nut. Price is for each shown.
Price: $3.50 

Hand Brake Cable Pin & Clip (used)
Good used hand brake cable secure pin an clip. Attaches to hand brake handle an secures the brake cable to handle under chassis area.
Price: $7.10 

Hazard Button Red Cover XR (used)
Various used red hazard button covers.....conditions vary. Email for desires on this item.
Price: $10.00 

Heat Shield for #3 Spark Plug on XR4Ti-SOLD OUT
Good used turbo heat shield for the number 3 spark plug area on the 2.3 Turbo for all year XRs. Most of the time this item is missing or rusted away. This is a good used or re-worked item. SOLD OUT

Heated Seat Switch XR (used)
Good used heated seat switch to fit all year XRs. Good graphic, overall conditions may vary then what is shown in pic. Note: not all XR were equipped with heated seats. To convert your XR email for list of parts needed.
Price: $10.00 

Heater Control Valve Bracket (restored)
Restored to better than new condition. Fits all year XR or Scorpio heater control valves. This bracket is a great detail dress up bargain!
Price: $7.99 

Hood prop gromment (new)
Brand new correct hood prop grommet. Many times this item is missing or crumbled away from age causing your prop rod to bounce loosely around in the engine bay area. Check your hood prop locking clip to see if its intact and replace both hood prop grommet and secure clip with new pieces. Price is for each.
Price: $5.40 

Hood prop retaining clip (new)
Brand new correct hood prop secure clip. Many times this item is missing or crumbled away from age causing your prop rod to bounce loosely around in the engine bay area. Check your hood prop grommet to see if its intact and replace both secure clip and grommet with new pieces. Price is for each.
Price: $5.40 

Hood Prop Retaining Clip XR (used)
Good used XR hood prop retaining clip. This item attaches to the back side of the hood and holds the hood prop in place. requires 1 rivet (not included) to properly attach.
Price: $7.55 

Hood Release Handle XR (used) NLA
Good used hood release handle, fits all year XRs. Cost effective replacement item if yours is missing, damaged or broken. NLA

Horn Button (Grade B) (used)
Center XR horn button. Fits all years. No "Merkur" script emblem, does come with trumpet graphic. Get one of these an make your own tricked out emblem design.
Price: $9.99 

IAC plug connector (used)
Good used XR / Scorpio IAC plug connector. replace your cracked / broken IAC connector without the need to cut an splice in new wires.....use this factory unit an insert your wiring without cutting / splicing / or soldering.
Price: $9.99 

Idle Air Control Valve gasket (new)
New IAC replacement gasket. Mates the idle Air Control vale to the throttle body.
Price: $.79 

Ignition Coil Connector Plug Rubber Cover (used)-one left
Good used OEM rubber boot that covers the coil ignition connector from moisture and dirt. Helps prevent shorts in contacts from water or corrosion.
Price: $6.99 

Input Shaft Pilot Bearing T9 T5 (new)
When doing a clutch replacement or converting your former automatic XR or Scorpio to a manual transmission, the pilot input bearing is often overlooked. Will need if converting car from auto to 5 speed (T9 or T5)
Price: $7.10 

Lamp Lens Rear Hatch XR (used)
This lamp lens is for the rear hatch of the XR4Ti. Fits all years XRs from 85 to 89. Good used replacement piece, fit and finish is correct OEM. Bulb not included.
Price: $9.99 

License plate bulb XR (new)
New XR rear license plate bulb. Two required. Sold individually. Fits all year XRs.
Price: $2.10 

License Plate Light Assy XR (used)
Rear XR license plate lamp. Comes with bracket, cover and screws. Will need bulbs, which we have new available. Fits all year XRs, left or right side. Price is for each.
Price: $29.00 

Lug Nut (used)
OEM correct XR or Scorpio lug nuts. Used exterior conditions vary. Threads are verified not to be cross-threaded. Price is for each.
Price: $5.50 

Lug Nut Stud (new)
New replacement wheel lug stud. Correct Merkur stud chamfer and thread pitch 12 x 1.50. replace your stripped wheel studs with crisp new ones. Price is for each. Have good used OEM wheel lug nuts available as well.
Price: $3.50 

Motor Mount Bracket Spacer/ Stopper XR (restored)
Restored XR motor mount spacer / stopper back to better than new condition.
Price: $9.99 

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