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Fuel Pump Low Pressure XR (new)
New aftermarket low pressure (intank) fuel pump for all year XRs. This is the primer pump that mounts in the fuel tank attached to the fuel sending unit.
Price: $119.99  Sale price: $65.99 

Fuel Pump Low Pressure XR (used)
Good used OEM low pressure (intank) fuel pump for all year XRs. This is the primer pump that mounts in the fuel tank attached to the fuel sending unit. Tested in working condition.
Price: $32.00 

Fuel Pump Retaining Bracket XR (used)
Good used removed fuel pump bracket. Fits all year XRs. Comes with 3 rubber retainer grommets.
Price: $22.00 

Fuel Rail XR (refurb)
Restored Fuel Rail for all year XRs. Acid dipped to remove years of dirt and such. Re-plated in fresh yellow zinc. Extremely nice engine dress up item.
Price: $62.99 

Fuel Rail XR (used)
Good used XR fuel rail.

Fuel Return Line Plastic Rear XR (used)
Good used rear plastic fuel "return" line. Goes from steel fuel return line to fuel sending unit (smaller connection). Over time this line maybe pinched, crushed, warped, cracked or fractured. Good used OEM replacement with correct connectors fitments on both ends. check other listing for plastic fuel feed line and replace both lines at same time. be sure to check the attaching clips as well. Sold as each.
Price: $25.00 

Fuel Tank Neck Seal XR (new)
New XR fuel neck seal, this is the seal that mates the filler neck tube into the fuel tank. Correct replacement for dry, leaking, distorted or missing neck filler seal.
Price: $29.98 

Fuel Tank Sending Unit Locking Ring XR (new)
New locking ring that secures the fuel sending unit to the fuel tank.
Price: $12.80 

Fuel Tank Sending Unit Ring Gasket XR (new)
New fuel tank sending unit gasket seal. If removing your sending unit a new sending unit gasket seal will be needed. Price is for each.
Price: $2.99 

Fuel Tank Strap Retainer Pin XR (restored)
Very nice restored replacement XR fuel tank retaining pins for the left and right fuel tank straps. These usually are rusted, corroded, or missing. Fits all year XRs. Sold as a pair.
Price: $9.00 

Fuel Tank Straps XR (used)
Good used Left and Right fuel tank straps for all year XRs. email if only one side is needed and not the set.
Price: $34.00 

Fuel Tank Vent Seal XR (new)
New OEM XR rubber fuel tank vent seal. Great to replace when the fuel tank is removed for any type of servicing.
Price: $19.65 

Fuel Tank XR (used)
Used fuel tank vary in condition and cost. best units are $290, lower condition units go down in price from there. Inquire if interested to Shipping cost vary by location average is $55.

Heater core Firewall foam seal gasket (new)
New foam gasket seal that attaches to the firewall under the oval metal plate for the heater core tube outlets, stopping air bleed into cabin. Newly reproduced item to replace the original.
Price: $14.00 

Intake Gasket Set XR (new)
Upper intake gasket kit for all year XR motors. Some gaskets shown in picture may not be used in your motors application. Kits comes with all gaskets shown in item photo.
Price: $19.58 

Intake Plenum Upper XR (used)
Good used upper intake plenum for all year XRs. Stock configuration.
Price: $42.99 

Intercooler Top Mount XR (used) - one left
Inexpensive way to add a intercooler to your 2.3 motor. This top mount intercooler is the most wallet friendly option to give cooling option to your turbo air charge. simple mounting without the need to get elaborate piping set ups. One left
Price: $85.00 

Relay Yellow XR (used)
Yellow relay used in various applications for XR or Scorpio. Most need for replacing for the XR fuel pump. Good used only. Price for each.
Price: $18.00 

Throttle Body Gasket XR (new)
New replacement throttle body gasket.
Price: $3.05 

Throttle Body Inlet Elbow Hose XR (used) one left
2.3 Flexible rubber Turbo inlet hose with a black factory outer appearance. Only have used available. Conditions vary by stock on hand. One left
Price: $32.00 

Throttle Body Linkage Kit XR (restored)
Restored throttle body linkage for all year XRs. Comes with linkage, idle adjustment screw, spring and securing clip. Requires your old unit back as a core. Specify the letter marking of "A" or "D" stamped on linkage arm.
Price: $24.99  Sale price: $19.99 

Throttle Body XR (restored)
XR throttle bodies cosmetically restored to new like appearance. We take good used core and re-vamp to new like cosmetic condition. Add a throttle body gasket & TPS gasket to the list if replacing. (note: does not come with IAC or TPS pieces).
Price: $65.55 

Throttle Body XR (used)
Used throttle body, fits all year XRs. Have restored throttle bodys available. IAC or TPS is not included.
Price: $27.55 

Throttle Position Sensor Gasket XR (new)
Have small supply of TPS gasket for the 2.3 XR in new.
Price: $4.45 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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