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Radio antenna cover 85-87 (used)
many times this rear hatch antenna cover is improperly removed cause the attaching points to be broken or missing. Good used replacement in light gray color. One available.
Price: $22.10 

Radio Power Harness w/amp XR / Scorpio (used) - One Left
Good used radio power feed harness with amp connector. Fits XR an Scorpio with late style radios with factory amplifier provision. One left
Price: $49.00 

Rear Parcel Tray Oxford Blue XR (NOS)-one left
Rare NOS blue rear XR parcel tray. Appears light gray in picture, item is actually light blue in color. Does not come with tray lid or hatch strings. contact for price.
Price: $142.00 

Rear PS bottom lt grey cloth XR (used)
Super nice good used light grey herringbone cloth rear passenger side bottom cushion. No fade, no tears, no burns, no holes, no stains. Shipping will be calculated after procurement as post varies by location.
Price: $40.00 

Seat Adjustment Knob Retaining Clip (NOS)-inquire
This retaining clip secures the seat back adjustment knob on the front seats of all year XRs. This spring steel clip "locks" the rotating adjustment knob in place.

Shifter Assy Automatic C3 transmission XR (used)
Good used all year XR automatic C3 transmission shifter assy. Comes as shown. Have shifter bezel, plate, an knob as needed, just ask.
Price: $28.00 

Shifter Boot T9 XR (NOS)-NLA
Accordion T9 interior shifter boot in NOS. No rips, no wear, no holes....for the Merk purist. No Longer Available

Shifter Boot T9 XR (used)
Used T9 shifter boot. Conditions vary, may have tears or wear markings. OEM Ford item.
Price: $32.00 

Shifter Inner Boot (NOS)- Inquire
Inner shifter boot for the T9 transmission. This keeps sound, dirt, road debris out of the interior. New item inquire

Shifter Knob 5 speed T9 (NOS)-NLA
Manual T9 transmission shift knob for XR or Scorpio. No Longer Available

Shifter Knob T9 (used)
This is the shifter knob for the T9 manual transmission. Varying conditions. Good threads, Embedded shift pattern white color graphics. This is not the early 85 year XR style with the transparent shift pattern graphics.
Price: $28.00 

Shifter Surround Bezel T5 (used)- No Longer Available
For those doing a T5 conversion in their XR will need the shifter surround that is fitting to complete the conversion. This surround is what you need. The "mouth" opening is larger than the T9 version. SOLD OUT

Shifter Surround Bezel T9 (used)
XR interior T9 OEM shifter surround bezel. A great replacement item with all mounting tabs intact. This is not the larger T5 euro / cosworth shifter mouth opening.
Price: $24.35 

Side view mirror switch (used)
Good used side mirror interior switch. conditions vary. good working condition.
Price: $21.00 

Speaker Bracket 5 x 7 LH XR (used)
Good used LH XR speaker bracket for the 5 x 7 speaker system. An upgrade for the early 4" speakers found in 85-early 87.
Price: $14.00 

Speaker Bracket 5 x 7 RH XR (used)
Good used RH XR speaker bracket for the 5 x 7 speaker system. An upgrade for the early 4" speakers found in 85-early 87.
Price: $14.00 

Steering Column Upper Cover XR (used)
Upper XR steering column cover in good used. overall cosmetic conditions vary, however will have mounting point intact or repaired to be intact.
Price: $21.99 

Steering Wheel XR (used)
Good used OEM XR steering wheels....if yours is bent, torn or crispy from years in the sun, this is a good used replacement. Does not come with center horn button assy
Price: $49.99 

Striker Hatch XR / Scorpio (used)
pull off used hatch striker for the hatch latch to secure into. Not available in new, expect some wear on stub portion of striker.
Price: $6.00 

Sunroof Crank Handle XR (used)
Manual sunroof cranking handle for the XR in good used condition. Replace your missing knob handle an let the sun shine in!
Price: $29.99 

Throttle Pedal (used)
Good used XR or Scorpio throttle pedal Fits all years.
Price: $9.99 

Turn Signal / Hazard Switch (cruise) (NOS)-NLA
Brand new OEM turn signal / hazard switch for the XR with OEM cruise. Fits all years XRs from 1985 thru 1989 with the dealer installed or factory installed cruise feature. Extremely rare to procure in new.-NLA

Turn Signal / Hazard Switch (cruise) (used)-NLA
XR hazard / turn switch with cruise feature. No longer available. Only have non-cruise stalk available

Turn Signal / Hazard Switch (non cruise) (used)-Inquire
Good used non cruise turn signal switch. Conditions vary and may not appear the same as one shown in photo. will have to re-use your red button cover. Item is tested for functionality.

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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