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Merkur Parts Catalog
$10 an under items
Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
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Air Conditioning System
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Hood Release Handle XR (used) NLA
Good used hood release handle, fits all year XRs. Cost effective replacement item if yours is missing, damaged or broken. NLA

Horn Button (grade A) (used)
Used XR horn bottons with horn button emblem. Various conditions, most faded / worn emblem. Have NOS button for those demanding perfection, cost is significantly higher.
Price: $21.00 

Horn Button (Grade B) (used)
Center XR horn button. Fits all years. No "Merkur" script emblem, does come with trumpet graphic. Get one of these an make your own tricked out emblem design.
Price: $9.99 

Horn Button (NOS)- one left
NOS XR horn button. Fits all year XRs. Brand new never installed, crisp detail and graphics. For the most demanding Merkur owner. Extremely limited availability.
Price: $79.00 

Horn Trumpet Graphic emblem (NOS)
OEM Ford NOS Horn button emblem graphic. At current we have one of these left available.
Price: $15.65 

Interior Lens XR (late) / Scorpio (used)
good used kick panel lens(on later build XRs of late 86 and up) also used in various interior areas of all year Scorpios. uses a twist insert style bulb holder which secures to lens.
Price: $9.00 

Lamp Lens Rear Hatch XR (used)
This lamp lens is for the rear hatch of the XR4Ti. Fits all years XRs from 85 to 89. Good used replacement piece, fit and finish is correct OEM. Bulb not included.
Price: $9.99 

Leather Seating Kit (light gray) XR (new)-NLA
Full set of XR light gray leather interior, comes with both front seating an full rear leather covers an rear side bolsters, the front seats do have the rear seat back pockets and headrests. The rear leather is a 60 / 40 split style with replacement center armrest leather as well. Rare Rare item...NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Lower Dash Felt Cover Push Pin (restored)
Factory correct under dash felt securing push pin. Good restored condition. Used in XR an Scorpios all years.
Price: $.33 

Lower driver side dash (lt gray) (used)
XR lower driver side dash in light gray color. replace your damaged or cracked lower for a steal of a price. Does not come with speaker holder bracket.
Price: $24.00 

Merkur First Aid Kit XR (new)-SOLD OUT
Custom made "Merkur" logo first aid kit for the XR rear parcel tray. More of a novetly item vs practicality , however the kit does contain items such as band aids, cold compress, antibiotic ointment, and gauze pads.-SOLD OUT

Mirror Cover RH Black / Raven XR (used)
very nice used RH side mirror interior panel cover in black color. Fits all year XRs.
Price: $14.00 

Overhead Lamp Bezel XR (sunroof optioned) (used)
This is the overhead lamp bezel surround for the XR with the sunroof option. has 3 provisions for lamps, 2 circular map lights and 1 rectangle center lamp. Sometimes these are broken or cracked from improper removal, this is a good used replacement under $10.
Price: $9.99 

Overhead Lamp Rectangle lens XR (used)-reproduction
The center rectangle overhead lens that is usually cracked or deteriorated from heat and age, now have reproduced in great detail as original. Made with 2022 UV stable materials to prevent deterioration like the original.

This is just for the lens, will need to transfer over your switches an the other internal contact points an associated wiring.
Price: $85.00 

Padded Merkur logo key blank (NOS)-SOLD OUT
OEM Blank Merkur Logo padded key blank. Made to fit all XR locks as well as Scorpio glove box. NLA

Parcel Tray Black XR (used)-Inquire
Black XR rear parcel tray. Inquire

Parcel Tray Light Gray XR (used)-ON SALE
Good used light gray interior XR rear parcel tray. Replace your missing, broken, warped or modified tray to a OEM correct spec. Does not come with attaching string clips. Ships as a large parcel.
Price: $65.00 

Parcel Tray Locking Clip DS XR (used)
This is the driver side locking secure clip for all year XR parcel trays. This clip secures the front portion of the parcel tray to the speaker panel tray. Many times this clip maybe cracked or missing. Have one available.
Price: $9.99 

Parcel Tray Tan XR (used)-One Left
Tan rear XR parcel tray. Very rare color used from late 88 to 89. Does not come with string clips. Ships as a large parcel. One Left
Price: $80.00 

Passenger side lower dash console (raven) (used)
Good used XR passenger side lower dash in raven color. email for conditions and availability. Shipping expected to be $32 + due to size.

Passenger Side Lower Dash XR (dark gray) (used)
Good used passenger side lower dash in dark gray color.
Price: $85.00 

Passenger side lower dash XR (lt gray) (used)
Good used lower passenger side dash in light gray color. Overtime these are damaged / missing / fractured. Have a small quantity of good used replacements in various condition. email with needs. Shipping in most US states can be $32 an up due to size parcel needed.
Price: $75.00 

Pillar Trim LH "A" XR Gray (used)
Good used left hand light gray "A" pillar trim. Fits 85-87 XRs.
Price: $19.00 

Pillar Trim RH "A" XR Gray (used)
Good used RH "A" pillar trim in light gray. Fits 85-87 XRs.
Price: $19.00 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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