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Merkur Parts Catalog
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Caliper Piston Front XR / Scorpio (new)-One left
New front brake caliper piston. Will fit all year XRs front brake calipers and all year front Scorpio calipers. One left
Price: $24.55 

Caliper Rear LH Scorpio (rebuilt)
Rebuilt left rear Scorpio caliper. Does not come with caliper slider. Requires serviceable return core. May take 5 to 10 business days to complete rebuild before shipping.
Price: $198.65 

Caliper Rear RH Scorpio (rebuilt)
Rebuilt Scorpio right rear caliper. Does not come with caliper slider. Requires serviceable return core. May take 5 to 10 business days to complete rebuild before shipping.
Price: $198.65 

Caliper Seal Kit Front Scorpio / XR (new)
Rebuild kit for the front calipers XR or Scorpio. Kit comes with one side. Save money over rebuilt front calipers with this kit and do it yourself.
Price: $9.47 

Caliper Slider Pin Kit (NOS)
new caliper slider pins. Each kit has enough pins to do one side. Two kits required per car. Save your brakes from sticking calipers and premature brake pad wear.
Price: $13.20 

Hand Brake Cable Pin & Clip (used)
Good used hand brake cable secure pin an clip. Attaches to hand brake handle an secures the brake cable to handle under chassis area.
Price: $7.10 

Hand Brake Cable Scorpio (new)
New replacement all year Scorpio hand brake cable. If yours is seized, bound, rusted or inop we have a small stash of new replacement cable assemblies. Fits 88-89 Scorpios.
Price: $89.25 

Hand Brake Cable XR (new)- one left
New handbrake cable for all year XRs 1985-1989. replace your stretched, rusted, seized hand brake cable with a brand new operational unit. One left
Price: $89.00 

Handle Hand Brake XR/Scorpio (used)
Good used handle brake handle for all year XRs and Scorpio.
Price: $29.00 

Hose Hydraulic Brake Rear Lower Scorpio (new)
new replacement left or right rear lower brake hose. Fits all year Scorpios.
Price: $18.55 

Hose Hydraulic Brake Rear XR (new)
New aftermarket replacement rear brake hose. Fits all year XRs. Sold each.
Price: $14.55 

Hose Hydraulic Front Brake 85-86 XR (new)
new front XR brake hose rubber. Replace your cut, saturated or bubbling front brake line. This item is for early XRs from 1985 to 1986. Late XRs from 87-89 use a different style. See late style brake hose item. Price is for each front brake hose.
Price: $18.61 

Hose Hydraulic Front Brake 87-89 XR (new)
new front XR brake hose rubber. Replace your cut, saturated or bubbling front brake line. This item is for late XRs from 1987 to 1989. Early XR from 85-86 use a different style item. Price is for each front brake hose.
Price: $25.68 

Master Cylinder 85-86 (reman)
Remanned XR early style brake master cylinder. Will fit all OEM single diaphragm brake boosters. Used on 1985 & 1986 XR models.
Price: $156.89 

Master Cylinder 87-89 (rebuilt) - mail in service
Rebuilt master cylinder for the 1987-1989 XR4Tis, will not fit 85-86 XR unless brake system has been converted to late style dual diaphragm booster and master cylinder. A late model serviceable core master cylinder is needed, may take up to 3 weeks to rebuild. Inquire.

Master Cylinder 87-89 XR (used)- NLA
No longer available in used on 87-89 model years. Can only provide rebuilt unit. would need a serviceable core in exchange.

Parking Brake Cable Adapter Rear Disc Brake XR (new)
For those that have or desire to convert the rear XR brakes from drum to T-Bird disc style, have found the dilemma of how to take up the difference in the hand brake cable length. These hand brake cable conversion adapters are the answer. Sold as a pair. These adapters are only for the T-Bird rear disc brake set up, if using Cosworth / Scorpio rear disc calipers these are not designed for that application. In stock
Price: $39.00 

Rear Brake Drum Cut XR resurfaced (used)
Good used OEM rear drum to fit all year XR4Tis from 1985 thru 1989. Price is for each unit. Fits left or right rear brakes. Drum(s) will be machined cut so as to be ready for install. Price is for each
Price: $69.00 

Rear brake drum un-cut (used)
XR rear brake drum that are available uncut. Price is for each. These are for those that wish to cut their own. May have surface rust on shoe sweep area from storage since they are offered un-cut. If buying used drums suggest allowing us to cut them for you, which is available on the XR REAR DRUM cut item.
Price: $26.00 

Rear Bulb Holder Matrix XR (used)
Good used rear bulb holder matrix. Fits all year XRs. Will fit both left or right rear tail lamp, solves the "all lamps illuminating at same time" culprit. NLA in New, have good used available only.
Price: $24.00 

Rear Drum Hardware kit XR (new)
When replacing the rear brake shoes its suggested to replace the springs, clips and pins with new fresh hardware. Many of the original stuff maybe rusted or weak. This kit has the hardware for both left and right rear drum brake shoes. Fits XR4Ti only.
Price: $19.22 

Rear Wheel Cylinder XR (new)
new replacement rear wheel cylinders for all year XR4Tis. Most of these leak or weap brake fluid out the seals, replace both sides and get your brakes back in proper working order.
Price: $22.50 

Rotor Front Scorpio (NOS)
New OEM genuine front brake rotor fits all year Scorpios. Price is for each.
Price: $59.99 

Rotor Front XR (new)
New OEM Genuine Ford replacement front XR brake rotor. Fits all year XRs. Price is for each.
Price: $75.00 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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