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Merkur Parts Catalog
$10 an under items
Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
Ignition 2.3 XR4Ti
Air Conditioning System
Engine 2.9 Scorpio
Cruise Control System
Interior XR4Ti
Interior Scorpio
Cooling Systems XR
Cooling Systems Scorpio
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Steering Scorpio
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Air and Fuel 2.3 XR4Ti
T3 Turbo Items
Hardware, Clips, Brackets
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Connectors / Plugs
Light Bulbs / Illumination
Intake Plenum 2 Way Vacuum Fitting XR (restored)
This fitting attaches to the upper intake plenum of all year XRs. replace your bent, stripped thread fitting with this crisp one.
Price: $21.99 

Lower Dash Felt Cover Push Pin (restored)
Factory correct under dash felt securing push pin. Good restored condition. Used in XR an Scorpios all years.
Price: $.33 

Lug Nut (used)
OEM correct XR or Scorpio lug nuts. Used exterior conditions vary. Threads are verified not to be cross-threaded. Price is for each.
Price: $5.50 

Lug Nut Stud (new)
New replacement wheel lug stud. Correct Merkur stud chamfer and thread pitch 12 x 1.50. replace your stripped wheel studs with crisp new ones. Price is for each. Have good used OEM wheel lug nuts available as well.
Price: $3.50 

Motor Mount Bracket Spacer/ Stopper XR (restored)
Restored XR motor mount spacer / stopper back to better than new condition.
Price: $9.99 

Oil Cooler Fluted Bolt (used)
Good used oil cooler fluted attaching bolt for the oil cooler device.
Price: $16.50 

Oil feed 90 degree fitting (new)
This fitting attaches to the top side of the center T3 turbo for oil feed line. Brass 90 degree fitting with tapered NPT threads to seal when installed. Brand new item.
Price: $5.05 

Oil Return 45 degree Fitting XR (used)
Good used 45 degree brass oil return line fitting. This mates the oil return line to the engine block. For those seeking new can supply, send inquiry if new is a must.
Price: $28.00 

Oil Sender Attaching Block XR (restored)
Here is a nicely restored XR oil sending / feed line attaching block. Crisp and clean with good treads and flush fitting flange. Fits all year XRs. Price is each.
Price: $12.99 

Parcel Tray Locking Clip DS XR (used)
This is the driver side locking secure clip for all year XR parcel trays. This clip secures the front portion of the parcel tray to the speaker panel tray. Many times this clip maybe cracked or missing. Have one available.
Price: $9.99 

Parking Brake Cable Adapter Rear Disc Brake XR (new)
For those that have or desire to convert the rear XR brakes from drum to T-Bird disc style, have found the dilemma of how to take up the difference in the hand brake cable length. These hand brake cable conversion adapters are the answer. Sold as a pair.

These adapters are only for the T-Bird rear disc brake set up, if using Focus / Cosworth / Scorpio rear disc calipers these are not designed for that application. In stock
Price: $39.00 

Power Steering Cooler Bracket & Grommet XR (used)
all year XR power steering hard cooler line bracket an rubber grommet that attaches to the inner left fender well area. good used only, condition vary.
Price: $16.50 

Power Steering Cooling Line Bracket XR (restored)
Clamp to secure all year XR steel power steering line to chassis. price for each.
Price: $8.99 

Power Steering Pump Bracket XR (used)-one left
Good used power steering bracket for all year XRs. Has 4 attaching mounting points to the 2.3 engine block, has "ear" attaching point for the stock alternator location. Conditions vary.
Price: $43.00 

Radiator Fan Attaching Clips XR (restored)
These special attaching clips are for the 1985 thru 1988 XRs to hold the radiator cooling fan in place at the bottom of the radiator. Does not fit 1989 model XR radiator fans. Restored item, come as a pair.
Price: $4.99 

Radio Antenna Bezel 85-87 XR (NOS)-NLA
NOS radio antenna mast chrome bezel. Mounts to rear exterior quarter panel. No Longer Available.

Rear Bumper Secure Bracket XR (restored)
restored replacement XR rear bumper retaining bracket. Mounts on the upper lip on all year XRs for attaching to the rear interior panel of the chassis. These are rotted, rusted or broken over the years. Here are good restored replacements that wont hurt the wallet.
Price: $4.50 

Rear Drum Hardware kit XR (new)
When replacing the rear brake shoes its suggested to replace the springs, clips and pins with new fresh hardware. Many of the original stuff maybe rusted or weak. This kit has the hardware for both left and right rear drum brake shoes. Fits XR4Ti only.
Price: $19.22 

RS Cosworth Whale Tail Brackets (used)-Inquire
Genuine Cosworth wing brackets for RS500 & RS rear whale tails. Inquire.

Seat Adjustment Knob Retaining Clip (NOS)-inquire
This retaining clip secures the seat back adjustment knob on the front seats of all year XRs. This spring steel clip "locks" the rotating adjustment knob in place.

Seat Rail Slider Bracket LH Scorpio (used)
Good used LH (drivers side) Scorpio seat bracket. Comes as shown without motors or seat belt latch.
Price: $65.00 

Shifter Boot Framing Plate Hardware T9 (restored)
Correct securing hardware for the T9 shifter boot framing plate. Restored to new condition using OEM hardware. Requires 4 screws. Price is for each screw.
Price: $1.05 

Shifter Boot Framing Plate T9 (used)
Good used brown plastic T9 shifter boot securing plate. This framing plate secures the inner an outer shifter boot from outside noise / dirt / an usual road debris. Correct securing hardware available.
Price: $16.99 

Shifter Bushing Saddle Clip T9 (new)
This is a new replacement T9 shifter bushing clip. Takes out shifter slop that develops over years of use or if you have misplaced or broken your original one. Installs at the bottom forked area of the T9 shifter.
Price: $19.99 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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