November 2023. (Notice parts catalog pricing structure will change starting in 2024)

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Merkur Parts Catalog
$10 an under items
Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
Ignition 2.3 XR4Ti
Air Conditioning System
Engine 2.9 Scorpio
Cruise Control System
Interior XR4Ti
Interior Scorpio
Cooling Systems XR
Cooling Systems Scorpio
Sheet Metal
Body and Glass
Steering XR4Ti
Steering Scorpio
Fuel System
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NOS XR Items
NOS Scorpio Items
Air and Fuel 2.3 XR4Ti
T3 Turbo Items
Hardware, Clips, Brackets
Gaskets, Seals, Bushings, Rubber
Connectors / Plugs
Light Bulbs / Illumination
Fog Lamp LH Scorpio (NOS)

Front wheel seal Scorpio (new)

Fuel Door Seal Scorpio (NOS)-NLA
A rare find, NOS fuel filler door seal. Fits all year Scorpios. Contact for availability.

Hand Brake Cable Scorpio (new)
New replacement all year Scorpio hand brake cable. If yours is seized, bound, rusted or inop we have a small stash of new replacement cable assemblies. Fits 88-89 Scorpios.

Hatch Struts Scorpio (new)
Sometime the rear Scorpio hatch struts get weak and no longer hold up thus having your rear hatch fall onto your head or pinch your fingers from lack of strength and support. We have brand new replacements to bring the proper lifting support back into the hatch. Sold individually, car requires two.

Heated seat pad element lower (NOS)- inquire
NOS lower heated seat element pad.

Hood Lamp holder XR Scorpio (restored)
XR or Scorpio underhood lamp holder restored to new condition. Choice of OEM gold zinc or silver zinc. Restored zinc plated attaching screw is included. NOTE: Wire for lamp is not included, will need to use your current lamp wire. Price is for each.

Neutral Safety Switch C3 / A4LD (NOS)
New Old Stock of the safety switch for the Automatic equipped XR and Scorpio transmissions. If your car will start while in gear your safety switch is defective and needs to be replaced. Have one NOS switch avail. Have good used available as well.

Odometer Gear Scorpio (reproduced)-One Left
New replacement Scorpio odometer gear. Reproduced using stronger plastic materials to prevent gear tooth from breaking again. email for availability.

Padded Merkur logo key blank (NOS)-SOLD OUT
OEM Blank Merkur Logo padded key blank. Made to fit all XR locks as well as Scorpio glove box. NLA

PCV Grommet Scorpio (NOS)
Valve cover rubber grommet for PCV insert on all year Scorpios. Replace the tired, dry, damaged grommet seal with a new Genuine Ford item.

Radiator Automatic Scorpio (new)-Inquire
New Scorpio Radiator for automatic transmission to fit 88-89 model year. Inquire on stock.

Radiator Cap Threaded Style (NOS)-Last one
New OEM Threaded coolant bottle pressure cap. Fits all year Scorpio and most later year XR coolant bottles. May fit early XR coolant bottle if bottle has been changed to the newer threaded cap style. Have 1/4 turn vented cap available as well.

Rear Arch Driver Side Patch Panel Scorpio (new)-Inquire
New Scorpio rear drivers side arch replacement patch panel. Comes as shown with plenty of sheet metal pre-formed to the contour of the Scorpio rear wheel well opening.

Rear brake hard line long XR (new)
New reproduced in mild steel XR rear brake hardline that mounts above the rear subframe to the brass T fitting. This is the longer of the 2 hardlines from brass T fitting.

Great replacement if your current is twisted, bent, stripped, or rusted beyond use.

Rear Caliper rebuild kit Scorpio (new)

Rear Disk Brake Pads Scorpio (NOS)
Genuine Motorcraft replacement rear brake pads with sensors for 88-89 Scorpios.

Rotor Front Scorpio (NOS)
New OEM genuine front brake rotor fits all year Scorpios. Price is for each.

Shifter Knob 5 speed T9 (NOS)-NLA
Manual T9 transmission shift knob for XR or Scorpio. No Longer Available

Shock Rear Scorpio (NOS) - inquire
New OEM rear shock for all year Scorpios.

Speed Sensor (VSS) Manual Transmission Scorpio Only (NOS)-NLA
Scorpio Manual Transmission Speed Sensor (also called VSS). This will only work for factory T9 manual transmission Scorpios. Will not fit or work on automatic transmission Scorpios. NLA

Starter Motor Scorpio (rebuilt)
Rebuilt Starter motor for all year Scorpios.

Steering Column Bushing Kit (new)- One left
New steering column 3 piece bushing kit. Help take out shaft play and slop in your XR or Scorpio steering column. Attaches at the lower firewall.

Sunroof Gasket Seal (new)- Inquire
replacement sunroof seal for all year XRs and Scorpios. New item. NLA

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.