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Parts Catalog
$10 an under items
Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
Ignition 2.3 XR4Ti
Air Conditioning System
Engine 2.9 Scorpio
Cruise Control System
Interior XR4Ti
Interior Scorpio
Cooling Systems XR
Cooling Systems Scorpio
Sheet Metal
Body and Glass
Steering XR4Ti
Steering Scorpio
Fuel System
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NOS XR Items
NOS Scorpio Items
Air and Fuel 2.3 XR4Ti
T3 Turbo Items
Hardware, Clips, Brackets
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Connectors / Plugs
Light Bulbs / Illumination
Ignition Coil Connector Plug Rubber Cover (used)-one left
Good used OEM rubber boot that covers the coil ignition connector from moisture and dirt. Helps prevent shorts in contacts from water or corrosion.
Price: $6.99 

Ignition Switch Wiring Assy XR (used)
Good used ignition switch wiring harness with connectors.
Price: $34.00 

Inertia Swtich XR / Scorpio (used)
good used OEM inertia switch fits all year XRs and Scorpios. Installs in the rear spare tire area on XRs and under the rear lower hatch trim cover on Scorpios.
Price: $14.00 

Lamp Lens Rear Hatch XR (used)
This lamp lens is for the rear hatch of the XR4Ti. Fits all years XRs from 85 to 89. Good used replacement piece, fit and finish is correct OEM. Bulb not included.
Price: $9.99 

License Plate Light Assy XR (used)
Rear XR license plate lamp. Comes with bracket, cover and screws. Will need bulbs, which we have new available. Fits all year XRs, left or right side. Price is for each.
Price: $29.00 

Neutral Safety Switch C3 / A4LD (NOS)
New Old Stock of the safety switch for the Automatic equipped XR and Scorpio transmissions. If your car will start while in gear your safety switch is defective and needs to be replaced. Have one NOS switch avail. Have good used available as well.
Price: $54.79 

Overhead Lamp Lens Rectangle XR (used)-Inquire
The center rectangle overhead lens that is usually cracked or deteriorated from heat and age. One left in nice used condition

Power Antenna OEM XR (used)-NLA
Good used tested power antenna for early model XRs. Most of these are inop or broken completely. We have one factory OEM Ford replacement in good tested condition.

Radiator Fan Sensor Switch XR (new)
New aftermarket radiator fan sensor. This sensor tells the radiator cooling fan when to turn on / off based on coolant temp. Fits all year XRs.
Price: $21.90 

Radio Antenna Amplifier XR (used)
Good used radio antenna amplifer. Mounts in rear hatch under panel. For XRs with antenna incorporated into hatch glass.
Price: $32.00 

Radio Antenna Cable 85-87.5 XR (used)
Good used radio antenna cable for the 85-87.5 model year XRs with OEM power antenna option.
Price: $23.00 

Radio Power Harness w/amp XR / Scorpio (used)
Good used radio power feed harness with amp connector. Fits XR an Scorpio with late style radios with factory amplifier provision.
Price: $18.99 

Rear Bulb Holder Matrix XR (used)
Good used rear bulb holder matrix. Fits all year XRs. Will fit both left or right rear tail lamp, solves the "all lamps illuminating at same time" culprit. NLA in New, have good used available only.
Price: $19.00 

Rear Tail Lamp Bulb Matrix Wiring Connector (used)
Good used XR tail lamp bulb matrix wiring connector to use for grafting into your current harness. Nice replacement piece for melted or corroded terminal plug.
Price: $14.00 

Relay Black Scorpio Turn Signal / Hazard Flasher (used)
Good used turn signal hazard flasher relay. Mounts to the backside of the turn signal switch. Fits all year Scorpios.
Price: $10.00 

Relay Brown Scorpio (used)
Good used brown relay for various placements in fuse box. Fits 88-89 Scorpios.
Price: $6.00 

Relay Connector Plug for Fan XR (used)
Good used all year XR radiator / condenser fan connector plug. Good replacement item for your tatty or melted plug connector. conditions may vary.
Price: $12.00 

Relay Green (used)
Good used green relay with 5 prong bottom.
Price: $10.00 

Relay Green/Black Fan XR (used)
Good used cooling fan relay for all year XRs. This relay operates the front A/C "pusher" cooling fan or the radiator "puller" cooling fan. Only available in used.
Price: $15.00 

Relay Orange Tall (used)
Good used orange tall relay.
Price: $10.00 

Relay Red (wiper delay) (used)
This red relay is used in all year XRs for the function of front wiper delay when the wiper stalk switch is positioned in the intermediate mode. This relay has a built in timer. This relay is for front wiper delay only, this does not operate the back wiper function.
Price: $10.00 

Relay Yellow XR (used)
Yellow relay used in various applications for XR or Scorpio. Most need for replacing for the XR fuel pump. Good used only. Price for each.
Price: $8.00 

Safety Switch Neutral C3 / A4LD (used)
Good used C3 or A4LD Neutral Safety Switch (NSS). If your car can start while in any gear other than (P)ark or (N)eutral you need to replace this switch. Fits all XR and Scorpios equipped with automatic C3 or A4LD transmissions.
Price: $18.00 

Safety Switch Neutral T9 (used)
Good used replacement T9 neutral safety switch. If your 5 speed T9 equipped trans will not turnover with the key its possible this switch has failed. -- No Longer Available in new only used.
Price: $39.00 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email Blugg@msn.com, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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