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$10 an under items
Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
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Rear Hatch Glass 88-89 XR (used)
Correct OEM rear hatch glass for the 88-89 Model year XR & Scorpio.  Good used.  Conditions and shipping costs vary.  Expect minimum $75 shipping an up based on method of transport desired and location.   Pick up possible.
Price: $150.00 

Rear LH Bumper Support Shock XR (used)
Good used rear bumper support shock for all year XRs. This one is for the left hand side.
Price: $30.00 

Rear Passenger Quarter Glass Scorpio (used)
Good used rear passenger replacement quarter glass. Fits both year Scorpios. Immediate availability.
Price: $45.00 

Rear Passenger Side Quarter Glass (green tint) XR (used)
Good used late XR green color stationary rear quarter window pane. OEM Sekurit glass. Overall conditions may vary. Email blugg@msn.com for available stock on hand. Used on 88-89 model year XRs.
Price: $46.00 

Rear Quarter Glass Window Trim XR (used)
Good used early XR (85-87) rear quarter passenger side window trim. These will not fit 88-89 XRs windows.
Price: $32.00 

Rear RH Bumper Support Shock XR (used)
good used XR rear bumper support shock. Fits all year XRs. This if for rear right hand side.
Price: $30.00 

Rocker Panel Cladding gray XR (used)
LH or RH lower rocker panel cladding for all year XRs. Early 85-86 got textured lower cladding. Later 87-89 got smooth lower cladding. Please specify.
Price: $24.00 

Rocker Panel Cladding monochromatic (used)
Price: $34.00 

Rocker Panel LH & RH Outer XR (pair) (new)-Inquire
New replacement XR rocker panels. Sold as pairs.One left and One right. Does not have bump out for cladding attaching area will have to fab or graft in old one. Shipping cost to be determined by location.

RS (F/G) Front Cosworth Bumper (new)- SOLD OUT
Front RS Cosworth replica bumper cover recreated in fiberglass. Requires custom bracketry to fit. This is not a direct bolt on. email blugg@msn.com for questions/pricing/shipping. Please note bumper is a RS Cosworth not a RS500 Cosworth.- out of stock

RS 500 (F/G) Upper Wing Whale Tail (new)-NLA
Fiberglass reproduction of the elusive upper RS 500 rear whale tail spoiler with Guersney lip. This is not a OEM item. Best suited to fit early (85-87) model year hatch. No Longer Available

RS Arches (Genuine) with jacking point covers (used)-Inquire
Set of 4 OEM Cosworth urethane arches with attaching jacking point covers. Inquire

RS Cosworth (F/G) wheel arches (used) SOLD OUT
Set of 4 (one for each corner) used fiberglass Cosworth RS body arches. Have only the one used set available. Shipping costs varies by location. Light item in weight just odd shaped an possibly over sized due to size. Sold out

RS Cosworth (Genuine) Hatch Wing Spoiler (used)-SOLD OUT
Rare Factory OEM Cosworth RS hatch whale tail spoiler wing. Best fits the 85-87 XR hatch. Does not come with installation brackets or screw cover plugs. Used condition. Requires large shipping parcel due to size. Email blugg@msn.com with request for photos.

Seal A Pillar XR (new)-Inquire
New replica A pillar seals for all year XRs. These attach to the outer A pillar to keep wind, water an debris from front A pillar area. Sold only as a pair, they are left and right side specific. Replace the torn, worn, missing, dry, cracked seals with new fresh flexible replicas. Inquire on availability

Side Marker Lens Amber LH XR (NOS)-one left
Brand new left front amber marker lens, fits all year XRs. one left NOS
Price: $68.00 

Side Marker Lens Amber RH XR (NOS)-one left
Brand new right front amber side marker lens. one left NOS
Price: $68.00 

Side Marker Lens Red LH XR (NOS)-one left
Brand new left rear red side marker lens. Fits all year XRs. one left NOS
Price: $68.00 

Side Marker Lens Red RH XR (NOS) one left
Brand new right rear red marker lens for all year XRs. One left NOS
Price: $68.00 

Smoked sunroof wind deflector XR / Scorpio (new)-NLA
New Scorpio or XR tinted sunroof wind deflector shield. Secures in place with two sheet metal screws. Allows sunroof to be opened an eliminate wind drag into cabin. Keeps rain out when roof is partially opened. No Longer Available.

Spoiler Hatch Mono Wing XR (used)-One left
Mono hatch spoiler wings available. Fits late model XR hatchs from 88 & 89 model year. Various colors and conditions available. Have one left.
Price: $114.95 

Striker Hatch XR / Scorpio (used)
pull off used hatch striker for the hatch latch to secure into. Not available in new, expect some wear on stub portion of striker.
Price: $6.00 

Sunroof Gasket Seal (new)- out of stock
replacement sunroof seal for all year XRs and Scorpios. New item, inquire for price an availability

Tail light gasket seals XR (new)-two left
New replacement pair of rear XR tail lamp gasket seal. Install new seals and stop water weaping causing corrosion to the rear bulb matrix. Sold as each
Price: $22.35 

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email Blugg@msn.com, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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