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Hose Radiator Upper 85-88 XR (new)
New aftermarket XR radiator upper hose to fit 85-88 model year XRs.
Price: $23.35 

Hose Radiator Upper 89 XR (new)
89 XR model year specific upper radiator hose with small T connection in brand new condition. This hose was only available on the 89 model year XR. This is new stock not vintage.
Price: $55.00 

Radiator 85-88 5 speed trans XR (used)
Good used XR radiator for 5 speed models. Fits 1985 thru 1988 models. Will not work with 1989 XR cooling systems. Only available in new

Radiator 85-88 Automatic trans XR (new) out of stock
New replacement radiator for 85 thru 88 automatic XRs. Has attachment fittings for transmission oil cooler. Inquire

Radiator 85-88 Automatic trans XR (used)-inquire
Good used XR automatic radiator. Conditions may vary then picture shown.

Radiator 85-88 Manual Trans ALL METAL XR (used)-inquire
2 Row core all metal radiator (no plastic ends) for XRs from 85-88 with manual trans. Can be adapted for auto trans vehicles by using a external trans cooler. Great condition.

Radiator 89 Automatic XR (used)-inquire
89 model year automatic transmission XR radiator in all metal build configuration. Only 1 available.

Radiator 89 Manual Trans XR (used)-NLA
89 XR4Ti radiator for the 5 speed transmission. None In Stock

Radiator Bushing 85-88 XR (new)
XR radiator bushings 1985 to 1988. Sold in pairs an under $10. Have secure radiator again with these new replacement bushings.
Price: $13.99 

Radiator Cap Threaded Style (NOS)-Last one
New OEM Threaded coolant bottle pressure cap. Fits all year Scorpio and most later year XR coolant bottles. May fit early XR coolant bottle if bottle has been changed to the newer threaded cap style. Have 1/4 turn vented cap available as well.
Price: $28.88 

Radiator Cap Vented XR (new)
New aftermarket XR vented radiator cap. Designed to fit early style non-threaded coolant bottles. Made to fit the quarter turn design bottles not the threaded style bottles. Please ensure when ordering this is the correct cap for your application.
Price: $16.62 

Radiator Fan Attaching Clips XR (restored)
These special attaching clips are for the 1985 thru 1988 XRs to hold the radiator cooling fan in place at the bottom of the radiator. Does not fit 1989 model XR radiator fans. Restored item, come as a pair.
Price: $4.99 

Radiator Fan Sensor Switch XR (new)
New aftermarket radiator fan sensor. This sensor tells the radiator cooling fan when to turn on / off based on coolant temp. Fits all year XRs.
Price: $21.90 

Radiator Fan Shroud 85-88 XR (used)
Good used radiator fan shroud for 85-88 XRs. Not designed for the 89 XR cooling system.
Price: $20.00 

Thermostat Housing Gasket XR (new)
New replacement thermostat housing gasket. Mates thermostat housing to engine block.
Price: $1.90 

Thermostat Housing XR (NOS) - NLA
NOS thermostat housing for XR. - No Longer Available

Thermostat Housing XR (used)
Price: $24.00 

Thermostat XR (NOS)
OEM Ford XR 192 degree thermostat. Small quantities available.
Price: $21.70 

Thermostat XR 195 degrees (new)
New aftermarket 195 degree thermostat for all year XRs.
Price: $16.22 

Water Pump Gasket XR (new)
new replacement water pump gasket. Mates the water pump to the engine block.
Price: $1.78 

Water Pump XR (rebuilt)
rebuilt XR4Ti water pump....come with new installation gasket. Fits all year XRs from 85-89.
Price: $58.79 

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