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Sample Parts List Prices
Air Cleaner Covers (restored to OEM finish)  $20.99
High Pressure Fuel Pumps $35 and up
Front or Rear Bumper Covers $105 and up
T5 Center Shifter Counsel $55
Coolant Bottles $30 & up
Coolant Level Sensors $24 and up
Corrosion Free Rear Bulb Holders $16
Dash Pads $170 and up
Rear Differentials $155 and up
LA3 Engine Computers $85
E6 Exhaust manifolds $65 and up
Exterior Door Handles $24
Fog Lights $20 and up
Front Fenders $85 and up
Front Turn Signals $18 and up
Restored Fuel Rails (new zinc plated) $52
XR Gauge (speedo, tach, fuel / temp) $25 and up
Grills $20 and up
New Guibo / Drive Shaft Coupler $48
Head Lights  $18 and up
Turn signal/hazard switch w/o cruise(good used) $80 each
Turn signal/hazard switch w/cruise (good used) $120
Injectors $22 and up
Intakes $32 and up
Side Marker Lights $16 and up
Side Windows $35 and up
Oil Return Line $27
Overhead Lamps $34
Seats $30 and up
Sensors  $17 and up
Stainless steel rear bumper support brackets (never rust again) $44 a pair
Sunroof Patch Panels  Call or E-Mail
T3 Turbo Gasket Kits $10.99
Tail Lights $28 and up
Turbo Coolant Return Line $28
Valve Covers Call or E-Mail for styles and powder coating options
Unrestored Wheels  $20 and up
Wiper Motors $35
XR Radiator bushings (new) $10.50 a pair
XR Upgraded 2.3 valve cover gasket, steel insert, no leaks, reuseable $44.99 each
XR Front Plate Bracket $22
XR Grill Brackets (powder coated black)  $18 a pair


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