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Parts Catalog
$10 an under items
Engine 2.3 Turbo XR4Ti
Ignition 2.3 XR4Ti
Air Conditioning System
Engine 2.9 Scorpio
Cruise Control System
Interior XR4Ti
Interior Scorpio
Cooling Systems XR
Cooling Systems Scorpio
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Steering XR4Ti
Steering Scorpio
Fuel System
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NOS XR Items
NOS Scorpio Items
Air and Fuel 2.3 XR4Ti
T3 Turbo Items
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Connectors / Plugs
Light Bulbs / Illumination
Fog Lamp Passenger side XR (NOS) - NLA
New Old Stock passenger side fog lamp. Genuine Merkur part. Very limited quantity available on this item. Perfect item for a top notch restoration.

Front Grill XR (NOS)
Brand new OEM Ford XR4Ti front facia grill. Replace your tattered or broken tabs with a factory correct Ford item. We have one NOS grill left available.
Price: $186.00 

Front Turn Signal Lens LH XR (NOS) - NLA
Brand new OEM Ford Left Hand amber turn signal lens.

Front Turn Signal Lens RH XR (NOS) - NLA
Brand new OEM Ford Right Hand front amber blinker lens.

Fuel Filter XR (new)
OEM Motorcraft correct XR4Ti replacement fuel filter. Suggested to replace your fuel filter every 30,000 miles. If your not aware of the last time your fuel filter was replaced its good preventative measure to replace sooner than later. Comes with two new duckbill clips for installation. Price is for each.
Price: $17.65 

Grill Gasket XR / Cosworth / Angry Eyes (new)
Difficult to source XR grill surround gasket/seal. newly reproduced using original design. Very few available
Price: $89.00 

Hatch snubbers / bushings XR (new)-NLA
If your rear XR hatch is rattling, it could be contributed to a few loose areas. One is the snubbers. No Longer Available.

Head Light LH XR (NOS)
email blugg@msn.com if interested in NOS headlamps.

Head Light RH XR (NOS)
email blugg@msn.com if interested in NOS headlamp.

Heated seat pad element lower (NOS)
NOS lower heated seat element pad.
Price: $143.99 

Heated Seat Pad Element Upper (NOS)
Brand new heated upper seat element with wiring connector. Extremely rare. This is a new never installed upper heating pad. Fits left or right seat.
Price: $129.99 

Hood Lamp holder XR Scorpio (restored)
XR or Scorpio underhood lamp holder restored to new condition. Choice of OEM gold zinc or silver zinc. Restored zinc plated attaching screw is included. NOTE: Wire for lamp is not included, will need to use your current lamp wire. Price is for each.
Price: $9.99 

Horn Brush Contact Assy (NOS)
NOS all year XR horn brush contacts with connector. This item connects from the steering column wiring harness to backside of the horn button, allowing electrical contact to be made for horn use. Only one available.
Price: $23.99 

Horn Button (NOS)-inquire
NOS XR horn button. Fits all year XRs. Brand new never installed, crisp detail and graphics. For the most demanding Merkur owner. Extremely limited availability.

Horn Trumpet Graphic emblem (NOS)
OEM Ford NOS Horn button emblem graphic. At current we have one of these left available.
Price: $15.65 

Hose Radiator Upper 89 XR (new)
89 XR model year specific upper radiator hose with small T connection in brand new condition. This hose was only available on the 89 model year XR. This is new stock not vintage.
Price: $49.00 

Hose Radiator Upper 89 XR (NOS)
Brand new upper radiator hose for the 89 model year XR. The 89 XR cooling system had a unique upper radiator hose that is specifically for the 89 model year only. We are fortunate to have a small stash of new 89 XR upper radiator hoses available.
Price: $49.00 

Inner Parking Lamp RH XR (NOS)
Factory right hand side inner XR parking lamp lens New Old Stock. Mint as the day the cars left the factory. One left available.
Price: $187.00 

Input Shaft Bearing T9 (NOS)-SOLD OUT
This input shaft bearing fits the T9 transmission. Good for those rebuilding their transmission. email blugg@msn.com for availability.

Lug Nut (NOS)
New Old Stock wheel lug nuts. These are the correct factory tapered ring with metal nut cap. Use only the correct OEM lug nuts on your Merkur. Fits XR4Ti and Scorpio. Extremely limited quantities available.
Price: $8.99 

Neutral Safety Switch C3 / A4LD (NOS)
New Old Stock of the safety switch for the Automatic equipped XR and Scorpio transmissions. If your car will start while in gear your safety switch is defective and needs to be replaced. Have one NOS switch avail. Have good used available as well.
Price: $54.79 

Oil Cooler Silicoln seal / gasket (new)-ONE LEFT
This OEM silicon seal / gasket mates the oil cooler to the block preventing oil leaking. Made of silicon to take high heat engine environment.
Price: $19.99 

Oil Feed Line XR (Reman)
Remanufactured new steel oil feed line for all year XRs in stock configuration. Comes pre-bent into OEM bends with threaded fittings on each end for attaching. Suggested that when servicing turbo system to replace oil feed hard line due to possible coking.
Price: $35.00 

Padded Merkur logo key blank (NOS)-Inquire
OEM Blank Merkur Logo padded key blank. Made to fit all XR locks as well as Scorpio glove box. Excellent finishing touch for your Merkur.

For accurate shipping tabulation on multiple item shipping email Blugg@msn.com, otherwise shipping will tabulated per item instead of one whole transaction.
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